10 best Free Health & Fitness Apps for Android

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A list of 10 best Health & Fitness Apps for Android on google play store at no cost.

Don’t just sit around and play some games on your andorid phone, get yourself in the shape with the following best free andorid health and fitness apps. Spent a few minutes to workout. Use the apps listed below to motivate you to exercise, walk or change lifestyle to maintain a healthy life.

Our favorite free health & fitness apps

Moves for Android is a simple app that automatically records your everyday life and exercise, walks, bike rides, swimming or running you do in the day. Moves, shows the steps, like a pedometer, record your movements and calculates how many calories you burn, how and what the total distance you travel, all automatically. You can also see a map of your route and mark sites you want to remember or revisit. Also, Moves will keep daily records of your activity and shows a summary of all information at the end of the day.

2. SleepBot – Sleep Cycle Alarm

SleepBot- Sleep Cycle Alarm is a useful application for your Android devices that monitor your sleep, if you sleep with your phone near you, to help you improve your rest periods. SleepBot will show a series of graphs in which you can see trends, average sleep duration patterns, your movements and noises you make when you sleep and hours when you went to bed and woke up. This allows you to get an idea of the quality of your hours of rest and what times of deepest sleep throughout the night are.

It also allows you to create / edit / delete multiple records per day. It also incorporates the option of scheduling the times that will automatically activate the silent mode, flight mode, or disconnect the WiFi connection.

3. Noom Weight Loss Coach

Noom Weight Loss Coach is an interesting app that helps you lose weight. The application has the function of a personal trainer to motivate the user to create a lifestyle that will help them not only lose weight but keep fit in the long run. In the app, you will find a series of daily tasks and goals with scores to track the outcome of your efforts. The application provides motivational widgets so that you have always presented on the screen of your device.

4. Instant Heart Rate: HR Monitor & Pulse Checker

Price: Free with ads/ IAP

Instant Heart Rate is a vital application that helps you to measure your heart rate using the camera flash of Android device. With the app, you can quickly and easily measure the pulse. In order to take measurements, you need to bring your finger to the camera at the time of 10 seconds. For accurate measurements need a lot of light, so the program uses flash. The operating principle of Instant Heart Rate is the same as that of the pulse oximeter.

The application Fitbit has been designed to work with the activity monitors and Fitbit smart scales. Fitbit Android app lets you track your daily goal and progress over time for steps, total distance, calories burned and more, as well as set daily goals and record activities. With the Food Plan function, you can set a daily calorie goal that fits the manual recording of activities.

6. Runtastic Running App & Mile Tracker

Price: Free with ads/ IAP

Runtistic is a running and workout app that also works as a personal trainer app oriented to all those who like to exercise, aims to become your personal trainer in all outdoor sports. With Runtastic Android app you can see your progress (time, speed, distance, pace, calories burned) and review the path that you have made over the map with the data obtained from GPS and share your activities on Facebook. In addition to helping you manage your runs, the program also guides you on the proper hydration after exercise. Everything is calculated taking into account the intensity of the workout, the temperature and the distances faced.

7. Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

Price: Free with ads/ IAP

Rules for a balanced diet, a routine of physical activity and control weight loss. Calorie Counter app contains in its database of over 3,000,000 foods and dishes with their respective nutritional information so that you instantly know how many calories you’re gobbling. The app also shows a good series of cardiovascular exercises to support your diet. This way you can know exactly how many calories ingested, many burned and the final balance of the day. Also, you can share your experiences with other users of Calorie Counter for perfect results.

8. Virtuagym Fitness Tracker – Home & Gym

This is a personal coach, gives you a list of different exercises you can do both if you play sports in a gym as if you only have time to spend time at home. You can choose the exercise that you should do with the time of day it is. You also have, besides each set of exercises, information on the level required to perform them. This application displays sports routines with 3D graphics and detailed instructions.

9. Lose It!

Price: Free with ads/ IAP

Lose It! will help you set and track goals and establish a daily calorie budget that enables you to meet them, and stay motivated to make healthy choices. With a simple and attractive interface, you get a powerful tool for tracking calories consumed, a database of positive activities for your goals as well as properties of food.

10. Sports Tracker Running Cycling

Price: Free with ads/ IAP

The Sports Tracker helps you to keep track of all the physical exercise you do daily. The program has a huge list of different physical activities that you can choose for it to monitor its performance and also create a graph showing how good your sports. Scan your runs to see how much you’ve taken, calories burned, energy consumption, etc.. Check out the routes chosen by using your map and add key points in your careers.

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10 best Free Health & Fitness Apps for Android

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