10 Business Secrets to Starting a Successful Yoga Career – Yoga Journal

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Whether you aspire to open a studio or teach yoga online, these insights from biz-savvy yogis can help you craft a yoga career to outlast the trends.
Wanting to be successful is as American as pie, but we tend to forget that success comes in many flavors. In order to have a “successful” yoga career, you first need to determine what that means to you—whether it’s owning your own studio or positively impacting the lives of your students. Whatever your goals, the reality is teaching yoga is a challenging career path. That’s why we’ve asked some of the business-savviest yogis we know for their best tips for new teachers.
What’s your story? Why are you teaching? “We believe your personal journey behind why started your career is the most authentic part of you,” says Karen Mozes , co-leader of Yoga Journal’s online Business of Yoga course . Once you have crafted your signature story, that should be the foundation of your message in every thing you do. “Right now, authenticity sells better than anything,” says J Brown , yoga teacher, writer, and host of the podcast Yoga Talks . “I made a practice of being entirely transparent and showing the sides of myself as yoga teacher that are conventionally sides you don’t show because it was thought to be bad business. And people resonate with what I do.” With highly successful yoga teachers of all ethnicities, shapes, genders, and personalities, know that you too can be yourself and people will love you for it. It’s what will attract clients who truly align with you and keep them coming back.

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