147 Natural Remedies For Homesteading To Make Life Easier

Looking for natural remedies for homesteading? Here you’ll learn how to clean your house and ease some ailments all while using natural products sourced from Mother Nature! These alternative remedies are safe for you, your kids, and your pets, keep reading to see how they can benefit you.

147 Natural Remedies For Homesteading

12 Natural Remedies For Lemons

So what are the benefits of lemons, anyways? Why do doctors highly recommend them for your diet? If you want to know how to use lemons as home remedies, you’ve come to the right place. Here are ways lemons can help you, and why they’re so beneficial.


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8 Stinky Home Remedies To Make Your Home Smell Better

Household odors can make for an embarrassing and uncomfortable situation and can be a hassle to get rid of. Simple stinky home remedies and a little extra cleaning can correct most of these unpleasant odors. Here are a few of the most common household stink culprits and a few suggestions on how to keep your house odors under control.

15 Natural Mosquito Repellent Plants

Mosquito repellent plants sure got me going gaga with all these alarming news of Zika and West Nile virus among other mosquito-borne diseases. I went on self-help mode and went online to find out more about natural mosquito repellent plants.

While there are effective ways to mosquito-proof our home, the outdoors is a different story. Luckily, some of our favorite herbs and plants are either studied or commonly known as mosquito repellents. Grow a garden with these natural mosquito repellent plants as your first line of defense against mosquitoes!

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9 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Flies

Flies are not just nuisance they are dangerous to our health because they are carriers of disease-causing bacteria. They can be easily found in places where there is no cleanliness or hygiene.

Thus, it is important to keep your home clean and you can try these natural ways to get rid of flies. These mosquito repellent plants are a match against these pesky blood-thirsty, disease-spreading, ear buzzers!

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21 Home Remedies for a Toothache

Although in most cases only a doctor can cure the source of the problem, this list of treatments & pain relief remedies should get you through until you can visit the dentist… Check out these home remedies for a toothache.

Basic Home Remedy For Fleas and Ticks

If you’re looking for home remedies for fleas that is natural and effective, you’ve come to the right place. Does your dog or cat have fleas? Get rid of them naturally with this flea-ridding home remedy that is painless for your pet, but kills those fleas for good.

23 Natural Remedies Using Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar benefits the body, internally and externally. There are many home remedies and apple cider vinegar uses that you can do to combat odors, ailments, and more!

It’s a product that can be used as an ingredient in food, a cleaning product, and to improve your health is a necessity to any homesteader. Not to be mistaken for other beneficial fermented products making their way back into the spotlight, Apple Cider Vinegar’s benefits and a variety of uses outshine all of the others. Click here to learn all the benefits of apple cider vinegar.

31 DIY Household Products For Cleaning The Homestead

Go all-natural with DIY household products you can whip up in your own kitchen! Save money and keep away from harmful chemicals with these easy homemade products.

Using natural recipes to make non-toxic DIY household products means two things: you’re saving money and you’re saving the environment. Sound good to you? Here is our compilation of easy DIY household products to get you started!

Natural Antibiotics To Have Around The Homestead

Long before pharmacies and prescription medication, the people visited healers and medicine men or women for nature’s medicines. Natural antibiotics have been around longer than you think! In this article, you will find a list of holistic ailment fighters!

The Impressive Holistic Benefits of St. John’s Wort

St. John’s Wort has a long history of being used to treat depression, phobias, skin conditions, and more. Significantly, this herb is still used today by many people who suffer from the same health challenges and want to use a more natural, alternative method to treat their condition.

Let’s take a look at the history behind St. John’s Wort and evaluate the impressive holistic benefits of this long-used, much-loved herb for healing both the body and the mind. Here you will learn a brief history, how to identify this plant, a history of St. John wort uses, its physical benefits and emotional benefits…

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26 Homemade Recipes For Cold And Flu Season

I’ve tested multiple natural home remedies for colds, coughs, and flu and have been happy with the results of most of the remedies I’ve tried. Bare in mind that these remedies may be effective to me but not to you so don’t treat this article as a medical basis for your illness.

Click here to view our list of remedies! NOTE – I’ve been homesteading for years now and my body has adapted to natural remedies that may not apply to you so please please please be cautious and don’t self-medicate. I strongly suggest you consult your doctor before doing any of the home remedies on this list.

Need more natural remedies in your life? Make this DIY body wash from organic ingredients!

Which natural remedy have you tried? Let us know in the comments below!

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