2 Fruits To Fight Cancer | Natural Cancer-Fighting Fruit To Eat Today!

You need to eat these 2 fruits to fight cancer! Learn to make a cancer fighting juice!
This immune boosting drink uses the peels of grapefruit and lemons – I add it to my morning tea!

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Are you ready to learn more about these 2 fruits to fight cancer?
Today is such an amazing grocery discovery because I’ll share with you how these 2 cancer-fighting fruits work in keeping you healthy and cancer-free!

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2 Fruits That Fight Cancer

So today, we will talk about lemon and grapefruit. These two fruits fight cancer in natural and effective ways.

To make this immune-boosting, cancer-fighting drink with these two fruits, we need not just the fruit but also the peelings.

We will make a tea for these fruits to fight cancer, and yes, we’ll use the peeling. Simply add three cups of water to the peeling, but be sure to wash your fruits first really well with a veggie wash. Whether or not it’s organic, you still need to scrub your fruits really well since we are using the peelings.

To make this tea using fruits to fight cancer, we will put the peelings into a pot, add purified water, then boil it.

But it’s not just the peeling that you’ll need. You’ll also slice up the fruits and use the flesh, which you can add to your water or make some tea with hot water.

You can also put the juice into ice cube trays, freeze them, and put one out every morning for your early morning drink.

Scientific Study on Fruits To Fight Cancer

So there’s a study on NIH, which is the National Institute for Health that came out in May in 2020. That study talked about just what we’re doing, the nutritional benefit in the peeling of our citrus fruits. And in that study https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32391511/ it showed that citrus peeling helps to prevent cancer.

If you remember, in one of my other videos, I talked about angiogenesis and how it affects the growth of blood vessels to a tumor. And when that tumor gets those blood vessels, it metastasizes throughout your entire body. Well, this juice, remember, we’re going to drink two tablespoons twice a day, and it is going to help inhibit that tumor growth.

Now, whether you have cancer or do not have cancer, or don’t know if you have cancer, most of us would not know because we aren’t experiencing any symptoms. Now, unless you’re doing the blood testing that I recommend, then you would have an early sign and realize that you need to take care of this right away.

So a study came out, from the NIH or National Institute for Health, discovering that citrus peelings have this anti carcinogenic effect. You know, they have this anti carcinogenic effect in our bodies. They help to get rid of cancer cells; they help cancer cells to die, which means they’re going to get out of your body!

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