10 Signs Someone Needs a Parasite Cleanse | Power of Positivity

Power of PositivityMay 14, 2021 We share this world with countless creatures, many of them microscopic. Did you also know that some of these tiny bugs and worms also share your body? How do you know if you have a bodily invasion of parasites? Could you even need a parasite to cleanse? It’s a sobering […]

Muscle Building Tips For Beginners | Best Bodybuilding Tips | Yatinder Singh

In this video, I have shared 6 muscle building tips for beginners. From Diet, supplementation to workouts ; these are the best bodybuilding tips that you can follow. Along with our body it is equally important to take care of your skin. You can use Ustraa Neem and Charcoal Facewash especially those who have acne […]

Yoga 90 Min | Power Yoga Detox Flow | Yoga für Fortgeschrittene

90 Minuten Yoga für Fortgeschrittene – In dieser 90 Min Power Yoga Stunde für Fortgeschrittene fließen wir durch einen Power Yoga Detox Flow mit vielen Twists für die Wirbelsäule (die entgiftend wirken) und Core Übungen (Fatburning Yoga!). Aufgrund der hohen Intensität ist dieser Power Yoga Flow eher für Fortgeschrittene geeignet und mit 90 Minuten Yoga […]