From Road Running To Trail Running | Leadville 100

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Juicing recipes for weight loss

Losing weight, specifically around the belly, is hard. These old-time Ayurvedic juices for weight loss have served people well over the centuries. These Ayurvedic juices are not a fast weight quick plan, yet part of a healthy and balanced weight loss routine in Ayurveda. They can help preserve your weight and strengthen your weight loss […]

Juicing VS Blending: Is One Better for Your Health? – Prudence Sinclair

I just got back from the farmer’s market where I got some gorgeous beets and blueberries. And I can’t decide whether I’m going to use them in a salad or juice or blend them. What’s the Difference Between Juicing and Blending Fruits and Veggies? We know fruits and vegetables are good for us and most […]

The Evolution of Human Physical Activity – Running, Sweating

Human physical activities differ significantly from other species. How, when and why did these capabilities evolve? What adaptations underlie them? And how did the evolution of human physical activity affect other key human characteristics that have advanced our species? Daniel Lieberman and Yana Kamberov explore how running and sweating evolved and what it means for […]

LawBank, Vaccine Injury Presentation

LawBank Vaccine Injury panel was July 7, 2021, 2 PM MST. The presenters discussed various topics including mandatory vaccines in the workplace, vaccine injuries, and the rights of employees. Panelists: Greg Cairns Mark Saliman David Seserman Ken Platt

Covid-19 Vaccine Injury Compensation Schemes: Comparative Perspectives

This event examined critically the provision made for the small numbers of those who have suffered adverse reactions after administration of one of the Covid-19 vaccines. The focus of this event was on the compensation schemes established at a national and international level (including the COVAX / GAVI scheme) to provide compensation and support for […]