A seat at the table with Steven Judge – Wholefoods House | Organic Food Sydney

NUTRITIONIST, HERBALIST, ACTIVE LISTENER For this edition of a seat at the table we spoke to Steven Judge, a naturopathic practitioner devoted to guide you back to balance with the help of nature’s wisdom anchored in nutritional and herbal medicine. He explains the connection between physical and mental health and shares his top tips to […]

Dallerium & Lanns & Replay M – Won’t Be Walking Away

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Importing and exporting organic food

Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) recognises the EU, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein as equivalent for the purpose of trade in organics until 31 December 2023. Food and feed certified as organic in the EU, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein will continue to be accepted as organic in Great Britain until 31 December 2023. The EU […]

HarmonizePMD: Morning Yoga + Meditation — Sound Guided Meditation

Yoga and meditation can help you relieve stress and find balance in your life. In this video, Owings Mills health coach Yvonne Bull leads us through a 25-minute yoga session followed by a brief sound guided meditation.  A couple tips for today: if you don’t have a yoga block, a sturdy book or box could […]