Russian Girls on the Streets of Moscow, Walking & Relax – Part 73

Beautiful Girls on Moscow Streets, Walking & Relax. I post videos here for educational purposes. I hope the videos will help you to understand better about cultural differences between Russian and where you were born. 🙏 please subscribe to the channel and push the notification button so you will see the next coming videos!

Oklahoma National Guard ‘Goes Rogue’ After New Commander Rejects Vaccine Mandate; Pentagon To Respond ‘Appropriately’

Image source. by ZeroHedge News The Biden administration is having another bad week. One day before an appeals court upheld a stay against Biden’s ‘vaccine-or-test’ requirement for private businesses, the Oklahoma National Guard ‘rescinded’ the Pentagon’s requirement that service members receive the COVID-19 vaccine. On Wednesday, Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt announced Army Brig. Gen. Thomas Mancino as the […]