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30 MIN YOGA FLOW – for Deep Stretching and Strength | Pamela Reif

Werbung // A wonderful Yoga Flow every time you want to calm down & need a deep stretch for your whole body. After a workout, in the morning or before bed! It is suitable for intermediates but if you are a beginner: don’t worry. Always listen to your body and do whatever is possible for […]

Power Yoga: Why To Go For It & How Is It Different From The Other Yoga Types

Physical exercise and activity is of utmost importance to keep our body functions working smoothly. One of the earliest forms of physical exercise which focuses on both mind and body is yoga. Not many people know that yoga is also of different types, each type of yoga has its own benefits and focus points. Most […]

“People’s Lives are Being Endangered” by “Fact Checkers” Censoring Vaccine Critics as Facebook Fact Checker owns $1.8 BILLION Stock in Vaccine Company

by Brian Shilhavy Editor, Health Impact News Congressman Thomas Massie is concerned that the “Fact Checker” company being used by Facebook to squelch any dissent on COVID-19 vaccines owns $1.8 BILLION in stock in a vaccine company, which also employs a former Director of the CDC. It’s a shame that had to interview someone […]