The Great Organic-Food Fraud | The New Yorker

Glen Borgerding met Randy Constant in the late nineteen-nineties, when landowners in northern Missouri hired them to help set up an organic soybean farm. Borgerding, an agronomist from Minnesota, took soil samples and made recommendations about fertilizer and weed control; Constant, a Missouri native who had a day job as a regional sales manager for […]

RUNNING A MARATHON Taught Me The Biggest Lesson In Life.

How I Color Grade My Videos: My Presets, LUTs & Editing Assets: Get Your Free Creator Pack: My Monthly Newsletter: Instagram: 9 weeks ago I decided to commit to the hardest physical challenge of my whole life – Running A Marathon. This goal was on my bucket list for so […]

Differences between trail running and road running | Salomon How To

When you love running it doesn’t really matter much where you do it, on the road or trail, as long as you’re running. But what are the differences between road and trail running? Is one better for your health than the other? What are the differences in equipment, especially shoes?


Help support the channel through donation: Today i headed to Chelmsford central parkrun which just happened to be their event #400 for episode 6 on my parkrun tour. In this series I’m running a new parkrun every weekend across the country and this was the biggest attendance I’ve seen so far. 592 runners headed […]

Organic Food and The Fuck It Diet

My prescription for obsessive eating or orthorexia is : eat. Let go of any and all food rules and restriction and acceptable eating amounts. Eat more than you ever thought you should. Neutralize all foods. Allow binges (and by doing that, it becomes not a binge.) Eat and eat and eat, and eat the things you are […]

Cinedigm Powers Yoga Meditation Service –

Friday, August 7, 2020 Cinedigm Powers Yoga Meditation Service Cinedigm Powers Yoga Meditation Service Los Angeles-based Cinedigm, a provider of premium content, streaming channels and technology services, is powering a new wellness video-on-demand application from Sanctuary Studios, the company said today. Financial details of the win were not announced. According to Sanctuary and Cinedigm, Sanctuary […]