Anemia in cancer patients: Are you aware?

Anemia is a common problem among the cancer patients, with noticing negative impacts on overall prognosis and quality of life. The reasons are multifactorial, however the iron deficiency is the major cause and possibly the treatable contributor. Nutrition is found to be an important part of all the cancer association events, from reducing cancer risk […]

7-Year-Old Girl Oozes Blood From Eye After Receiving MRNA Vaccine

The parents of a 7-year-old girl are pleading for help after their little girl began oozing blood from her eyes and skin after receiving the Pfizer mRNA vaccine. On April 7, Pimpakarn Khotphakdi, 27, said her daughter was in good health but had developed dark purple spots on her skin and began sweating blood 2 […]

War On Cancer! And The Losing Battle Of Conventional Medicine

Who Is Winning This Battle? Let’s be honest, conventional medicine is NOT ‘winning the war’ on cancer.  Despite the yearly fanfare regarding new cancer drugs, the percentage of Americans dying from cancer in 2019 was about the same as it was in 1970. But still, conventional doctors can’t prescribe alternatives cancer treatments. According to the […]

The Tiny Seed with Big Health Benefits

The tiny flax plant, with its slender stem and pale blue flowers, has benefited humans since the Stone Age. From textiles and oils to grains and medicines, flax has played a significant role in human life throughout history. But it’s the health benefits of the plant’s tiny seed that have eclipsed its other uses. Not […]

The Power of Energy Medicine for Health and Healing | Wake Up World

It may come as a surprise to most of us, but according to the cutting-edge science of particle physics, everything in the known universe is made up of energy fields on a fundamental level.1 The known universe includes our sun and the stars; the planets of which our Earth is one; everything on Earth, including […]

Elon Musk on avoiding anti-aging research: ‘I am not afraid of dying’

Over the past decade, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos and Peter Thiel have all poured money into life-prolonging and anti-aging research. Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk isn’t buying in. “I don’t think we should try to have people live for a really long time,” Musk recently told Insider. “It would cause asphyxiation of society because […]

Chief executives of mRNA vaccine groups earn $100m in pandemic pay

The chief executives of Pfizer, BioNTech and Moderna have shared more than $100 million (€90.25 million) in pay during the pandemic, reflecting the huge commercial success of the mRNA Covid vaccines developed by their pharmaceutical companies. Albert Bourla of Pfizer, Ugur Sahin of BioNTech and Stéphane Bancel of Moderna have also seen their paper wealth […]

All Natural Anti Aging Skin Care Reviews | Truth In Aging

Uncovering the Truth In Anti-Aging Skin and Hair Care So You Can Shop With Confidence With so many options introduced daily, finding the best anti-aging treatment can become overwhelming. Marta Wohrle, founder of Truth In Aging, and her community of real women (and men!) review the latest skin and hair care products to help you […]