35-Minute Power Yoga for Athletes + Runners (HIITStrong 35, Day 4)

HIITSTRONG 35 DAY FOUR: 35-Minute Power Yoga for Athletes 🏃‍♀️

This is an ADVANCED POWER YOGA CLASS at home, no equipment!

Work your joints through a full range of motion, increasing mobility, balance, coordination and flexibility.

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✨THE WORKOUT: 35-Minute Full Body Power Yoga for Athletes (HIITStrong 35 Day 4)✨

► EQUIPMENT: None, bodyweight.

My oversized yoga mat is from Gorilla Mats (affiliate link): http://gorillamats.com?aff=5​​​
*Discount Code: NourishMoveLove

Follow along with the video above.

It looks like this:
✔️ This yoga for athletes sequence follows a vinyasa yoga or power yoga format where you remain in a constant flow of movement — moving from one move to the next (great for cross-training days).

►Workout Outline:
1️⃣ Vinyasa Yoga Flow and Table Top Warm Up
2️⃣ Down Dog to Kick Sits and Crescent Lunge
3️⃣ Warrior III to Cossack Squat
4️⃣ Plank to Push Ups and Isometric Rows
5️⃣ Warrior II + Wraps to Triangle Pose
6️⃣ Single Leg Balance Work to Pistol Squat Practice
7️⃣ Glute Bridge, Abs and Core Series
8️⃣ Cool Down + Stretch

►Learn more about the benefits of yoga for athletes in this post:

35-Minute Yoga for Athletes (HIITStrong 35, Day 4)


00:00 Workout Introduction
00:50 Vinyasa Yoga Flow + Table Top Warm Up
07:40 Down Dog + Kick Sit + Crescent Lunge
13:05 Warrior III to Cossack 
15:25 Plank + Push Up + Isometric Row
22:58 Warrior II + Wraps + Triangle
28:20 Single Leg Balance to Kick Out + Pistol Squat Prep/Rollbacks
31:15 Bridge + Core Series
34:50 Cool Down + Stretch

⭐️ This 2-week workout challenge starts on Monday, 1/3/22, with a new video dropping every single day of the challenge! All the videos will stay on Youtube after the challenge, so you can come back + repeat at any time!

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HIITStrong 35: 2-Week Full Body Workout Plan (FREE!)

This plan follows a 5 day workout split, which means you get 5 NEW WORKOUT VIDEOS per week and 2 rest days per week (10 NEW workouts total!). You get to choose when to add your rest days in!

▪️Day 1: Chest + Back Workout – https://youtu.be/XJ03I3l39iQ
▪️DAY 2: Leg Day: Base, Build, Power – https://youtu.be/bt_TLRnK-p0
▪️DAY 3: Bicep, Shoulder and Tricep Workout – https://youtu.be/e-hBFWri8VA
▪️DAY 4: Yoga for Athletes – 📍You are here!
▪️DAY 5: Full Body HIIT – https://youtu.be/Y_mC3n0ggwA

▪️DAY 6: Glutes + Hamstring Workout – https://youtu.be/yBa9sYdmr7w
▪️DAY 7: HIIT Arm Workout – https://youtu.be/MkA5sNnYc3s
▪️DAY 8: HIIT Ab Workout – https://youtu.be/B-F5-zdnNYU
▪️DAY 9: Legs: Isometrics + Power + Mobility – https://youtu.be/TsDURS80DnE
▪️DAY 10: Total Body HIIT – https://youtu.be/Dwj3delECXE

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