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If you hadn’t noticed, intermittent fasting is a pretty hot topic these days which makes us very excited as really, that is what we are all about here at SuperFastDiet. We LOOOVE it and we know it works wonders… if you hadn’t noticed by now! But, with a lot of varying diets out in the world today, there are always a few small mishaps that are easy to make that may be hindering you.

Here are the top 5 mistakes that you might be making intermittent fasting. Never fear, they are also easy to fix, so your goals are still very much in reach!

1. Overdoing it a tad on your feast days

Now, we know that you may hear the word feast and think ‘Yes, give me all the burgers and pizza.’ For sure, on your non-fast days you can definitely be more lenient with what yummy foods you put in your body, but don’t go completely over the top with your pasta and wine night.

Counting calories shouldn’t be the main thing you think about on these lovely feast-days… but do know that you shouldn’t eat more than the normal calorie intake for a typical day, which for women is 1800-2000 calories and for men 1900-2400 – lucky buggers!

An added tip that we often get asked about – no, you absolutely don’t HAVE to eat up to the 2000 calories if you don’t want to! Eat to what you’re comfortable and content with.

2. Underdoing it on your fasting days

A very common and very incorrect preconception of the word ‘fasting’ is that you cannot eat and that you will be hungry 24/7. That is a big no no. Intermittent fasting is simply moving your eating times and calorie consumption amounts for particular times or days, depending on your method choice.

Intermittent fasting provides a great ‘reset’ type effect onto your body. However, not following the correct calorie time or consumption brackets for your chosen method may lead to your body not receiving the nutrients required to function on a day to day basis. Longer fasts are possible – but not recommended for people starting out. Your body NEEDS food, so don’t deprive it! We sure don’t.

3. Not having enough of the holy grail, H2O

Water really is a magic liquid. It helps with almost all health aspects, and when it comes to intermittent fasting it is essential that enough water is consumed so you are not feeling sluggish and headachy – because no one wants that, especially not the desk neighbour at work.

Ensuring your hydration is kept up is paramount for your body temperature, your waste movements and moving nutrients around the body. Drinking 2.5—3 litres per day is recommended and will make such a noticeable difference in how you feel, on both non-fast and fast days.

Often people find drinking water at that volume quite difficult. Remember that you can have as many teas as you so desire, you can add delicious 0 cal flavour infusions, such as the ones from Twinings, to your water and even add water as an alternative to milk in smoothies! How good is that!

Click here for some tips on how to drink more water without even realising!

4. Being too damn hard on yourself

Starting off intermittent fasting isn’t always a walk in the park. It is generally not what your body is used to, but research shows, it is what your body is actually craving. If you have a cheeky indulgent day, don’t beat yourself up, just have a fast day the following day to reset the body. If you try the 2-day method and it just is not enough food, try the 3-day method. There are always alternatives!

Trial and error is often a great tool starting out. Don’t feel guilty. Don’t self-sabotage. Things take time. You’ve got this!

5. Doing it all alone!

Don’t do it without constant support and guidance! So many questions can arise and having only yourself to back when going through a life-changing, amazing intermittent fasting journey can be really tough. And the simple yet revolutionary answer to that is DO IT WITH US!

Our community is full of incredible people who have been where you are or are currently where you are! No questions are silly questions and each person is valued.

When you join, you have access to join our this private Facebook Group Community with over 3,000 members to cheer you along. Tips, recipes and invaluable information can be found, where the aim is to make your journey that little bit (or a lot a bit) easier!

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