8 Dynamic Yoga Poses for Maximum Weight Loss | Yoga for Weight Loss Series Ep. 4

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– Hereโ€™s a fun, challenging dynamic yoga workout to work up a sweat, build strength, and help on your fitness journey. This 15-min yoga workout consist of 8 yoga poses to maximize weight loss and is great for when you want an intense workout in a short amount of time!

This workout is made with experienced / intermediate users in mind, but if you feel confident, give it a shot. This routine is difficult, from a strength and endurance perspective, so press pause as needed, and recognize you might not be able to do all of it your first (or tenth) time.

This workout is intense (a rare 5 out of 5 on the intensity scale!), but itโ€™s short! Give it your all.

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00:00 – Introduction
00:20 – Plank
01:01 – Plank with leg lifts alternating
01:47 – Side plank with optional hip abductions
03:17 -High lunge, split squats to one-leg balance, hip flexion reps x 3, switch side
05:55 -Plank rest
06:07 – Plank to lower down to chest, full cobra row (arms ext, row, arms ext), pushup x
10:29 – Haka / goddess / horse
11:45 – Side plank crunches
13:57 – Deep squat walk, backwards and forwards
15:09 – Closing Notes

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