9 Morning Habits to Build Muscle Faster

These are 9 morning habits to help you build more muscle in less time. Boost muscle growth in the morning by planning the perfect breakfast for muscle growth. This morning routine is also something that highly successful people consistently stick to. Simply changing your morning routine can change your life.
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The way you start your day can impact muscle growth, fat loss, motivation, productivity, and many other factors related to being a more successful person. You might’ve heard that simply making your bed in the morning can help fuel you, to get more complex tasks done throughout the rest of the day. Well, there are also certain morning habits that can either help or hurt your ability to build more muscle and develop a more attractive physique. 

And one of the best morning habits if you’re serious about building muscle, is to have a big breakfast. Even though you don’t necessarily need to eat breakfast to build muscle, it’s a good idea to start your morning with a meal if you want to maximize muscle growth. This is because the main dietary requirement for building muscle is to be in a calorie surplus, and if you want to bulk up without adding too much body fat in the process, you’re going to mostly be eating natural foods that are very filling per calorie contained. So the more you space out your meals the more time you’ll have to digest the large amount of calories you’re required to take in on a daily basis to grow. Of course, many people make the mistake of using mass gainers and supplements to increase their calorie count to meet their daily surplus requirements. Not only does this lead to fat gain due to the sugar content of these mass gainer supplements but there’s also evidence that unprocessed foods lead to better results than processed ones. This is why you may have heard that you should try to eat whole meals over supplements whenever possible. With protein for example we have research that shows that whole milk stimulates more protein synthesis than skim milk, even when the whole milk contains less protein than the skim milk. (1) This is most likely due to the food processing because another study found that even after adding milk fat to casein, which is a milk-based protein source, it didn’t end up increasing muscle protein synthesis. (2) Aside from processing, we also don’t know what we don’t know, so chances are high we haven’t discovered every vtial vitamin, mineral, and chemical found in natural food and how those substances impact muscle growth. So the point is to start your day with a big breakfast made up of whole foods to help you add a bunch of calories to your daily total early on, while still giving you time to digest everything before your next meal. 

Another habit that can be very beneficial for certain people is to get your workout done soon after you wake up. Even though research shows that you’ll most likely be able to lift more weight and feel stronger with late afternoon and evening workouts, you’re not going to make any progress at all if you’re skipping your afternoon or evening workouts. So if you struggle to get to the gym after work or you have a busy schedule that typically leaves you exhausted then make sure you get your workout done first thing in the morning. Completing your workout first thing in the morning is the solution if you find yourself making excuses later in the day because it guarantees that you actually get it done, which is way more important than a slight strength boost that you’ll potentially get assuming you make it to the gym later in the day. 

This goes hand in hand with another thing you may want to do first thing in the morning which is to drink coffee. Of course, coffee isn’t required but it could benefit muscle growth, especially if you train in the morning. Research shows that a dose of around 250 mg of caffeine in the morning raises neuromuscular readiness to perform close to afternoon levels. (9) Caffeine also increases your performance and motivation to train. So, if you train in the morning, consider drinking coffee or maybe a pre-workout supplement with caffeine beforehand.

Another thing that can boost your energy and provide motivation in the morning is taking a cold shower. Now taking a cold shower isn’t going to make your muscles grow on its own. But taking a cold shower will increase your energy levels and mood while benefiting your mental toughness. Or in other words, your ability to do things that might be uncomfortable or you don’t really want to do.  Many people experience that if they take a cold shower in the morning, they become more productive throughout the rest of the day because they’ve already had their first “win” and got the momentum going and that can help motivate you to actually do your workout. On top of that cold showers can reduce inflammation in your body. One of the ways a cold shower can do this is by…

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