A Home-made Liqueur For Digestion And Thyroid Gland

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It is used for hundreds of years in the folk medicine as a natural remedy for thyroid and digestive problems.

The recipe for its preparation can be found in monastery writings, notes of old herbalists and chronicles of former aristocrats’ houses because it served for centuries as a universal tonic for healthy digestion.


It is also today’s first aid for many stomach disorders and as a natural remedy for anemia and blood strengthening.

It is walnut liqueur, domestic medicinal liquor which is to be prepared these days, of young still green walnut fruits.

The immature walnut fruit, with soft tissue, natural wealth of vitamin C and iodine, have long been used for various preparations that help the thyroid gland, especially in cases of hypothyroidism.

The walnut liqueur is equally effective in alleviating indigestion, diarrhea, constipation, heartburn, bloating, cramps and stomach infections.

Here is the most famous, popular original recipe, which can be complemented with ingredients of your choice (vanilla, orange and other pieces).


12 young, green walnuts

40 gr of brown sugar (or honey )

4 cloves

1 lemon cut in slices

1 l homemade brandy


Wash the walnuts, if they are small – cut them a little on one side, if they are big – cut them in half.

Wash the lemon and cut it in slices.

Add the brandy to the walnuts, lemon, sugar and cloves. Stir it well to dissolve the sugar.

Close the bottle and keep on sun for 40 days. Shake it a little every day, but don’t open it.

After 40 days, strain the liquor through cheesecloth into a bottle and keep it in dark and cold place.

For natural treatment of the thyroid, you need to drink one glass of the liquor every day, in the morning on an empty stomach.

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