A Mothers Recovery Story from Opiates – Detox To Rehab

True Stories of Addiction: Melissa

Melissa felt very misunderstood from an early age; she felt as if she never fit in with the other kids at school or had a place in life. She was always searching for an escape, but didn’t find the escape she was looking for until her older sister introduced her to drugs and alcohol. When she took her first taste of drugs and alcohol, she didn’t have a profound feeling of acceptance, but rather Melissa just knew that this was going to be easier to obtain than the love and security she was searching for.

Introduced to Opiates

Melissa was going through life and everything seemed fine until tragedy struck her at a young age. When this tragic event occurred, Melissa was confused and wanted the world to stop just so she could try and figure out what truly happened. That wasn’t the case though, the world was not going to stop, and in all reality life started moving very quickly for Melissa when she found Opiates to take her out of the hell she was living.

When the Opiates were in Melissa’s system, she was able to pretend reality was not reality and life was going to be okay no matter what comes her way. The Opiates took Melissa so far out of reality she did not realize where she was going and what she was actually doing. She surrounded herself with unsafe people unsafe environments, not caring that her life could be taken from her at any moment.

In this unsafe environment Melissa was living in, she was introduced to a man and shortly after became pregnant. Her childhood dream of becoming a mother was happening in all the wrong ways. She knew she needed to stop the Opiates for the sake of the child growing inside of her, but did not know how. Melissa was not sure she even wanted to stop using, but reality set in and she was shipped off to a treatment program in Iowa.

Melissa completed a three month stay in a treatment center and she found hope. She was ready to become a mother and live a happy life, but when she returned home from the treatment center she didn’t find happiness: instead she found Opiates once again. Since Melissa couldn’t stop using she knew as soon as she had that baby there were going to be many consequences. Melissa’s daughter was born and as soon as she saw the baby’s father drive away from the hospital to start his life with their daughter she knew something needed to change.

Giving up Opiates for Recovery

She stepped back into recovery and the 12-step program in hopes of saving herself from the vicious cycle of addiction. She took suggestions, worked the steps and made sober friendships. Her life was good and she proved that to her daughter’s father and got to have her daughter back in her life. Recovery didn’t only give Melissa her daughter back: recovery gave her a sense of freedom and peace.

Melissa is about to celebrate five years of continues sobriety thanks to the work she put into the 12-step program. She was once so hopeless and believes it is a miracle that she is alive, happy, sober and with her daughter. Recovery was the hardest thing Melissa had to do but so thankful she put in the effort and did it because without it, she wouldn’t have a life, who knows if she would be living.

If you or a loved one is struggling with an Opiate addiction, give us a call. We understand the turmoil addiction causes and we want to help you get out of it. Give us a call. Our number is: (866) 578-7471

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