A Rare Disease Led Her to Breaking World Records Running Backwards: Make Every Mile Count

“I’ve learned to enjoy what I can do. Not being able to run is not an option for me.”

At Road Runner Sports, we always hear stories from incredible runners that make us want to make every mile count. Instead of keeping these stories to ourselves, we want to share them with everyone we can reach.

This week, we’re sharing Justine Galloway’s story about how a rare disease made it so she could only run backwards. As difficult as that is, she’s managed to break two world records.
However, like every great story about perseverance, Justine’s journey isn’t that simple. She overcame a lot that was thrown her way. Here’s how she makes every mile count.

This story is a part of our Make Every Mile Count series to inspire, excite, and ignite our running community. Want to be featured? Send an email to [email protected].

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