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This is a great tip I could have used during my last vacation.

– How does it work?

Mosquitoes appear when is hot because warm and wet weather suits them most, so we have to deal with their unbearably annoying buzzing, their bites, the itching which then irritates and does not allow us to sleep peacefully, then the unpleasant red swellings that can last whole week.

Stop Mosquito Bites from Itching in Just 1 Minute!

Although many times before we wrote about more tricks and ways of getting rid of these pests, we still believe that this proven method deserves to be repeated again.

All you have to do is heat a metal spoon under hot water from a tap (about half a minute), and then put it directly on the bite area. Hold firmly on the skin for about a minute. When you get off the spoon the itching will disappear.

Stop Mosquito Bites from Itching in Just 1 Minute!1

How does it work?

When we are bitten by a mosquito while he sucks our blood, certain proteins are injected under the skin which should prevent blood clotting. These proteins are the cause of itching, but they cannot thrive at high temperatures – which will be achieved by placing the heated spoon.

The swelling will probably be there for a few more days but the unpleasant itching will disappear.

via Stop Mosquito Bites from Itching in Just 1 Minute!



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