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 Acai berry Antioxidant mask | Acai Clay detox mask | Anti aging mask | Clay facial mask | Organic Acai Berry Mask for face

“Acai berry clay”
Acai berry clay antioxidant and vitamins is a natural face mask – the key to a beautiful and healthy skin. Under the negative impact of the external environment of the skin condition worsens, there are the first signs of aging. The skin needs to be carefully effective cleansing, moisturizing, to illuminate the health and youthfulness.
The face mask “Acai berry clay” – is a unique source of vitamins and trace elements. Its structure includes vitamins B, C, A, E and D. These vitamins also are called the “Vitamins of beauty “.
Mask “Acai berry clay” contain anthocyanins – a powerful antioxidant, anthocyanins neutralize free radicals – the main cause of aging.
The mask contains a unique plant sterols – substances that are responsible for the regulation of the activity of the epidermal lipid and regeneration of skin cells.
This allows the use of a mask “Acai berry clay” at various dermatitis, as well as anti-aging agents for aging skin or premature skin aging.
Mask “Acai berry clay” collects and eliminates toxins and impurities. It reduces inflammation. It relieves a person from oily skin.
Dries skin. Effectively fighting with all girls problem like acne. 
The result: clean, healthy, radiant skin of the face. 
Suitable for all ages and skin types, including the most delicate and sensitive. It does not cause allergic reactions.
Dilute 2 teaspoons of mask with water at room temperature, mix until a thick mass, and apply on cleansed face. Then rinse with water.
Before you begin to put the mask on the skin, it should be good to steam – the effect of this will be much higher. Apply on the face with a thin layer. Do not limit the area of ​​application only face – pay attention to the neck and upper chest.
After applying the mask for about 15 minutes, lie down quietly, relax the muscles of the face. Rinse off the mask in the right way – start wash it with warm water, gradually moving to the cold. In this way, the use of the beneficial properties of the mask will be opened completely.
Ingredients: 100% natural white kaolin clay with the juice of the Brazilian acai berry. 
Weight 100g.
Store in a dark, cool place. Shelf life 2 years.
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