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Colloidal Silver For Bronchitis & Sore Throat Treatment

The lungs are among the body’s largest organs.  The air we breathe enters out bodies through the trachea (windpipe), with connects with the bronchi, the breathing tubes that lead into the alveoli (air sacs) in the lungs.

Bronchitis injures the airway tubes. It’s an inflammation or obstruction in the bronchial tubes. This inflammation results in a build-up of mucus, along with coughing, fever, pain in the chest and/or back, fatigue, sore throat, difficulty breathing, and often, sudden chills and shaking.

Bronchitis can be either acute or chronic.

Acute Bronchitis

Acute bronchitis is usually caused by an infection, which can be bacterial, viral, chlamydial, mycoplasmal, or caused by a combination of agents.

Most cases of acute bronchitis are self-limiting, with full recovery in a matter of weeks.  In some cases, however, the condition can lead to pneumonia.  This is more likely to occur in those who also have a chronic respiratory disease or other debilitating health problem.

Chronic Bronchitis

Chronic bronchitis results from frequent irritation of the lungs, such as from exposure to cigarette smoke, air pollutants, or other noxious fumes, rather than from infection.

Allergies may also be the cause of chronic bronchitis.

Silverlab Colloidal Silver For Bronchitis & Sore Chest

Take 10ml Silverlab Liquid every 2 hours until symptoms have improved.  Hold the liquid in your mouth for 2 minutes before swallowing.

Many have reported success in treating bronchitis by also nebulizing with 6ml Silverlab  Liquid 2 times per day.

Additional Healthy Lifestyle & Nutritional Tips

Natural Health Tips From Jan J Lategan

Blocked airways with hard breathing and causing severe coughing.



If you have pain when you breathe deeply, or fever for more than 48 hours, or hear a sound in your chest when you breathe or cough or the phlegm is yellow/green, see a doctor for prescription antibiotics.

[Natural Health Tips 2012, p.11 – Jan J. Lategan]

Chronic or Acute Bronchitis

Acute bronchitis is a viral infection in the respiratory tract that usually follows after flu. Chronic Bronchitis is a lung disease caused by tobacco smoke and is a lot more serious.


Supplements to Consider


[Natural Health Tips 2012, p.16 – Jan J. Lategan]

Coughing is often due to an infection such as flu, bronchitis, TB, asthma or smoking.  If you have mucus, spray with Colloidal Silver nasal spray deep in the nasal passages.  It kills the viruses which the mucus exists off and it dries up.  If you have phlegm, take a product that contains an expectorant.  This makes it easier to loosen the mucus when coughing.  The generic product Alcophyllex is excellent and cheap; even small amounts work, only about R13 for 200ml.

Colloidal silver can be gargled for a dry cough and swallowed.  It kills the bacteria and viruses that cause irritation within 4-6 minutes.

[Natural Health Tips 2012, p.21 – Jan J. Lategan]

Lung Problems (Weak Lungs)

Read notes on Asthma and Low Immunity and apply if necessary.



[Natural Health Tips 2012, p.52 – Jan J. Lategan]

Respiratory Infection

It’s a viral infection.

[Natural Health Tips 2012, p.70 – Jan J. Lategan]

Excerpts from Jan J. Lategan’s book, “Natural Health Tips”. Click here to find out where to order the book.

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