Anal Fissure – Best Natural Cures And Home Remedies

This medication does its work by enhancing the healing process in addition with pain relief [1]. It also composed of nutrients which are important in promoting quick grow in body cells. In this manner it makes healing of the fissures to be rapid and relieve pain that is associated with the condition. You are simply expected to prepare a salve of this medicine then coat your finger with it. Insert this in your rectum. This is followed by a massage of the salve into the tissues. This should be done after every bowel movement for effective outcome.

Olive Oil

This medication operates in two distinctive ways to help treat this condition, the first one is that it is a healthy fat that has ability to lubricate systems in the bowels [2]. Above this it makes your stool to remain moist, and this is very important in enhancing its passage through the bowel. On the second ground is that it is a healthy fat that has anti-inflammatory properties. This makes it an appropriate medicine to aid in reduction of pain that is initiated by anal fissure.

Aloe Vera

Being able to offer protection against infections as well as treating inflammation, Aloe Vera is one of the best medications for treating fissures [3]. This can be used in two ways and the first one involves internal supplement taking while the other one involves external application. It works by moistening the canals of the anus which reduces painful experience.

Hot and cold fomentations

These two treatments are effective in treating anal fissure properly. What should be done to assure healing and proper treatment is to avail a piece of very soft cloth with warm water, soak the cloth in the warm or rather hot water, and apply this in the areas that have been affected for good period of time. Do these practice for around three times then follow it with the same process but with cold water. This will help fasten the healing process.

Petroleum jelly

This works by causing lubrication effect to the affected region. This is because these fissures are normally painful and the situation is always worsened when an individual has hard stool. This can lead to bleeding and further infections. What should be done is to make an application of petroleum jelly in your rectum whenever you are going out to pass stool. [4]

Sitz bath

This is considered to be very easy as well as an effective remedy to this condition. This is because it works very well in pain reduction and promotes faster healing of the fissures. The way it works also involves little strain and it can be done very fast. What you should do is to sit in a warm water filled bath after a bowel movement. This should last for a period of twenty minutes, after this take a dry and soft towel and dry the region up. This has the effect of pain reduction in the affected area.

Wheat germ oil

It operates by promotions faster healing of the condition; it is among the most recommended remedies because it has high effectiveness in offering healing. What is recommended to be done using this treatment is to make an application of wheat germ oil on the fissures then allow it to stay there for a period of one hour thirty minutes. After this period wipe it off using soft and wet tissue to remove it. When this is repeated constantly twice on daily basis its outcome is likely to impress you. [5]

Using pillow

This is to help you in sitting; sitting normally becomes problematic when you are having this condition. This is further worsened when the surface is hard. It is therefore recommended that to ease the strain as well as pain while sitting you use pillow to make the surface where you are sitting much more comfortable. This is important because a soft pillow reduces the pressure and this in turn limits the pain and discomfort that is followed.

Maintain hygiene

Keeping the affected region clean as well as dry is significant. This is because if the region is left moist it forms a suitable environment for bacterial infection [6]. This will prolong the healing process and make the situation even worse. What should be done is to wipe the section with a soft tissue every time you make a movement of the bowel. It is important to note that use of rough tissue paper might open up the sore and this is likely to worsen the anal fissure.


This comes in because they have ability to ensure that your bowels are kept smooth, this can be achieved by initiating constant drinking of fruit juice in an interval of two hours. Eating plenty of fresh fruits is significant because it will ensure that your digestive system is subjected to minimal burden [7]. And this would minimize constipation which would initiate the condition.

Fiber intake

This condition emerges whenever you are having constipation problem in your digestive system. In this case it is recommended that you shift your attention in eating fruits that is rich in natural fibers to help eliminate potential of constipation problems. This can be obtained from whole grains, leafy vegetables and so on. The fibers are important because the make stool softer and also ensures that there is increased volume for the process. In this way the resultant soft stool has limited pressure on the anal fissure therefore making it even easier to heal up. [8]

Avoid refined flour foods

Reduce constipating food, food made from refined flour are not good if you are suffering from anal fissures. This is because such foods are known to cause constipation. It is therefore important to kiss goodbye to such foods like cakes, white bread and biscuits. This is because they are low in fiber content and this aggravates constipation.

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Water is important because it makes your stool softer and makes digestion process to be easy. In return this prevents constipation which has ability to reduce the effect of bowel movement to anal fissures. It also works by removing harmful and toxic substances from your body. This minimizes potential of infections, it is recommended to do these one and a half hours before or after having your meals.

Regular exercise

This has ability to enhance proper bowel movement, it is also good because it ensures that there is adequate flow of blood in all parts of the body and this makes it even easier to promote faster healing. What should be done is to set time aside for physical exercise at least thirty minutes every day will be an effective treatment for anal fissure. [9]

Reduce strain

This has the impact of avoiding further tear in your anus. As a result it is important to adopt a more comfortable position while making a bowel movement because it will help to prevent further tear. When the practice is well adopted it will ensure that there is adequate healing of the tears that have already formed hence making it easy to limit the pain it causes.

Resist scratching urge

This condition in many occasions will necessitate sharp sensation which will make you feel like you want to scratch yourself in this area. The best practice to adopt is to restrain from making the scratch because it might open further the slit and this aggravates the condition of anal fissure.


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