Angelina Jolie Weight Loss: Inside The Actresses’ Unhealthy Slim-Down

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This isn’t good. According to Star Magazine, Angelina Jolie‘s weight loss has grown to be a major concern. In fact, since her divorce from and recent custody battle with ex-husband Brad Pitt, it’s at an all-time low.

“Angie has stopped eating almost entirely and has now shriveled down to 76 pounds. She feels as if she’s being battered from all sides. Angie’s an emotion and physical wreck — and she’s on the verge of collapse!” a source revealed to the publication. “There’s almost no subcutaneous fat on her arms and her cheeks have no fat either, which is very alarming.”

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The insider added, “Angie has lost a lot of weight in the past when she’s under pressure, but it’s never been this bad. She’s practically living on ice cubes, and she’s so anorexic her skin is sagging and her bones are almost breaking. She needs helps, and fast.”

Angie has been in the public eye recently as she and Brad have been publicly fighting for custody of their six children, Maddox, 17, Pax, 14, Zahara, 13, Shiloh, 12, and twins Knox and Vivienne, both 10. Angelina was allegedly scolded by a judge recently for trying to interfere with the kids’ relationships with Brad, which put her at risk of losing primary custody of them. 

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That said, she later claimed via her lawyer that “[Brad] has a duty to pay child support. As of present, [he] has paid no meaningful child support since separation.” To get back at her, Brad suggested he paid “easily millions” to Angie since their highly-publicized split two years ago. What a stressful mess, if you ask us.

We just hope Angie gets her health in check soon for her kids’ sake. “I hear the kids are so fed up with Angie’s behavior that they want to move back in with their dad as soon as possible,” the insider shared. Our fingers are crossed for her to get well!

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