Are the Benefits of Organic Food Underrated or Overrated?

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If we increased our consumption of conventionally-produced fruits and vegetables how much cancer would be prevented versus how much cancer might be caused by the additional pesticide exposure?

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That was the final installment of my 5-part video series on organics. I hope you feel you have a better understanding of the science, rather than just the hype and anti-hype on both sides. To recap:
• Are Organic Foods More Nutritious? (
• Are Organic Foods Safer? (
• How to Make Your Own Fruit and Vegetable Wash (
• Are Organic Foods Healthier? (

I’ve covered the issue of cadmium in our diet before in Cadmium and Cancer: Plant vs. Animal Foods ( and Male Fertility and Diet ( Heavy metals are found concentrated in seafood and organ meats, but can also be found in certain supplements ( and protein powders (

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