Belly Fat Burner Power Yoga | Plus Build Muscle and Tone Up | Yoga for Weight Loss Series Ep. 3

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– Are you Looking for a yoga workout to help burn belly fat, build muscle, and tone up? You’re in the right place. This 15-minute power yoga workout is beginner-friendly and made with men in mind. Try it out today!

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00:00 – Introduction
00:33 – Squat Hold
01:28 – Backbend
02:06 – High Lunge
03:52 -Plank
04:45 -Cobra Pose
05:26 – DownDog
06:19 – Deep Squat with Pulses
07:20 – Squat Hold With Sideways Walk
08:36 – Standing Side Bends with Hip Abductions
10:16 – High lunge – low lunge – high lunge – airplane – 1-leg balance, leg extension x 3 , repeat sides
14:45 – 1-arm plank with YTA arms
16:18 – Deep Squat with Pulses
16:45 – Closing Notes

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