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2021 Mr. Olympia winner Big Ramy has made a rare appearance on social media. Recently, the reigning Mr. Olympia champion took to Instagram to discuss his offseason as well as his current weight which is 341lbs. 

Speaking with his coach, retired bodybuilder Dennis James, Big Ramy spoke about how he sees 2022 going and how excited he is to show fans what’s in store for the upcoming season. In 2020, Big Ramy took 1st place after defeating Brandon Curry on the Olympia stage. Then, the bodybuilding juggernaut also managed to win the Mr. Olympia title in 2021 as well.

Big Ramy Likes To Keep A Low-Profile About Size/Weight

Big Ramy joined his coach Dennis in a recent Instagram session where the two discussed a few topics. First, the duo discussed Big Ramy’s weight. Then, Ramy and Dennis dove into some of the struggles that come with preparing for an intense season of bodybuilding. 

“Yeah, I’m in Egypt. Big Ramy said. Yeah exactly. I feel really excited. This year, because last year we didn’t have time to change many things in our prep but this year I think we can make something different. I’m excited. I hope, we can make something different for the fans. People keep waiting for us, I know I’m working very hard but we can do many things more.”

As one of the biggest stars in Egypt, Big Ramy’s title defense ruffled a few feathers in the region. In fact, Egyptian Preacher Abdullah Rushdy spoke out against Ramy after his Olympia title defense. The cleric issued a fatwā against the sport of bodybuilding. A fatwā is a non-legally-binding ruling that states that a certain practice goes against Islamic fundamentals and Sharia law. 

Big Ramy is a devoted Muslim. While the bodybuilder rarely posts physique updates, Ramy at least gave fans a glimpse of his weight and spoke about how he prepares annually for Ramadan. During Ramadan, strict fasting occurs from sunrise to sunset. 

“I don’t like to tell people my weight but maybe I tell you, friend. Right now, I’m 155kg, (341lbs) with abs huh. You know I don’t stop anything, I do my cardio for the day. I feel I’m very healthy. I train every day. I need to train every single day. I don’t like to lift one day, I don’t like to do something for next year, I like for this year. We need to do many things before Ramadan, you know Ramadan we don’t have enough food. So that’s why I need a small break for us, but after I’m done yeah. Then, back to Vegas.” Big Ramy says.

There is a vast difference between some of the top competitors for 2022 Mr. Olympia. While Nick Walker continues to make huge strides in the training room, the young up-and-comer takes any opportunity to share his physique with his fans. Conversely, Big Ramy takes an understated approach.

Given the dietary restrictions, Big Ramy endures annually, that makes his back-to-back Olympia victories all the more impressive. After seeing Big Ramy clock in at 341lbs on Instagram, the reigning champion still looks gargantuan and still left much of his physique up to the imagination of his countless fans. 

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