On the latest episode of CHD.TV’s “What’s Your View?” Sumayyah Simone hosted a discussion about the Black community’s right to be skeptical about COVID vaccines.

Her guests included Tricia S. Lindsay, an attorney, Brooke Jordan, a health and religious freedom advocate and Jasmine Miller, a nursing assistant who lost her job when she refused the COVID vaccine.

“There has been a history of medical apartheid and the majority of the Black community is now being forced to inject something they do not want and do not trust,” Simone said.

She showed a video clip of Wendy Williams on the Dr. Oz show, who told the public she didn’t want to take the COVID vaccine. Williams later took the vaccine, then tested positive for COVID, which forced her to delay the premier of her talk show.

Simone wondered why Williams changed her stance, but Miller commented that at least “One thing Wendy is allowed to have is her choice.”

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“When you say, don’t we have the right to be skeptical, my brain says, ‘don’t I have a right to say no?’” Lindsay asked. “They’re telling me to put something in my body that’s not been independently tested and evaluated — that is a problem.”

Jordan said calling African Americans “ignorant” for not wanting the vaccine is “ironic,” considering America’s history of medical racism, which includes the Tuskegee Experiment of 1972. “We are being demonized for using that information and making an educated decision about our health.”

Jordan added:

“They didn’t even try to convince us that they did testing [on the COVID vaccines]… they thought they were going to be able to give us weed, and we were going to take it. They were going to be able to give us alcohol. They were going to be able to give us lap dances and donuts and all of this stuff, and that was going to make us stop thinking about what we know to be true, what we’ve seen, what our history is.”

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