Bodybuilding Isn’t “Functional”?

Bioneer’s original video:

00:00 Geoff Says Hello
00:16 Functional…for what?
00:34 Bodybuilding is fairly general
02:23 “Fake Muscles?”
04:18 Strength Endurance?
05:15 Two Stories?
06:50 Health and Longevity?
07:25 Enjoyment?
07:41 Growth Itself IS a Function?
08:02 Mobility an Issue?
08:29 Isolations an Issue?
09:17 Injury?
09:48 Balance And Symmetry?
10:21 Enhanced BBing vs Natty BBing vs Hypertrophy Enthusiast
11:10 Functional Training and Bodybuilding Are Excellent Bedfellows
11:51 Further Reading

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