Boost Your Immune System Naturally with Prebiotics
Did you know that 70 percent of your immune system originates in the interior walls of your colon? This means the health of your colon can significantly impact your body’s ability to fight infection and disease. In this video, Dr. Jackson discusses how prebiotics, such as the ingredients found in Prebiotin, improve the power of your colon’s good bacteria to strengthen and optimize your immune system.

How Well Do You Know Your Immune System?

The immune system is actually a systemic organ comprised of numerous, smaller organs that exist throughout your body. Much of what makes your immune system is in your gastrointestinal tract and is called gut-associated lymphoid tissue (GALT).

Your digestive tract — specifically, the colon and small intestines — possesses most of your body’s lymphoid tissues. Composed of several different types of lymphoid tissue, GALT stores B and T cells responsible for defending and attacking disease-causing bacteria and viruses that enter your bloodstream.

Within the colon (large intestine) lies your body’s largest population of good and bad bacteria. Although it seems odd that your colon houses bad bacteria, these bad types of bacteria are a necessary part of your immune system’s ability to prevent you from being sick all the time.

Every day, hundreds and even thousands of bacteria and viruses try to enter your body through the GALT. This makes it critical for your gut-associated lymphoid tissues to remain as healthy as possible. GALT must be able to provide strong immune responses every time harmful pathogens attempt to infect your bloodstream, or you may suffer from chronic illnesses.

However, when the bacteria population in your colon becomes imbalanced — in other words, the bad bacteria outnumber the good — your immune system begins reacting inappropriately, attacking your body when it shouldn’t. As a consequence of your gut being overrun with harmful bacteria, disorders such as colitis, Crohn’s disease, celiac disease, food allergies and inflammatory bowel disease may deteriorate your health and quality of life.

Prebiotics Restore the Balance of Bacteria in Your Colon

Prebiotics not only promote rapid growth of beneficial bacteria in your gut, but they also provide fuel for probiotic bacteria as well. Prebiotics and probiotics are two different types of gut flora that should not be confused.

Probiotics are living bacteria populating your intestines that are mostly found in yogurt and microalgae. They, too, are beneficial to overall health but require prebiotics to exist. Prebiotics, on the other hand, are nonliving plant food fibers essential to maintaining gut health that offer a variety of health advantages probiotics cannot give you alone.

Prebiotics not only improve functioning of your GALT and immune system, but they also:

• Increase the ability of your intestines to absorb vitamins and minerals, especially magnesium and calcium
• May inhibit growth of carcinomas and adenomas in your gut
• Reduce risk factors responsible for colorectal disease
• Significantly improve your body’s resistance against many types of infections
• Eliminate dysbiosis (an imbalance of bacteria) within your colon and small intestine

Dysbiosis occurs when the good bacteria in your colon can’t keep the bad bacteria in check anymore. Dysbiosis can affect your gut and immune system if your diet largely consists of saturated fats and meats, you overuse antibiotics (which kill all bacteria), or you suffer frequent illnesses and physiological stress. Signs of dysbiosis, as well as a malfunctioning immune system, include constipation, diarrhea, chronic fatigue, heartburn and indigestion, food allergies, Crohn’s disease and a host of other health issues that may be stopping you from enjoying life to its fullest.

Start restoring balance and health by strengthening your gut and immune system. Make sure your diet contains
25 to 30 percent of fresh fruits and vegetables, avoid antibiotics whenever possible and rely on Prebiotin supplements to provide you with adequate amounts of good bacteria every day. Prebiotin supplements may also reduce symptoms of autoimmune diseases caused by an imbalance of gut bacteria.

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