Bowral arrests: NSW police clash with anti-mask organic food store owners

The owners of an organic food store in the NSW Southern Highlands clashed with police over their anti-masker views.

The duo work at the Organic Food Store in Bowral and have been quite vocal on social media about their views against mask-wearing and vaccines.

A sign out the front of the store reads: “To protect our customers and each other, if you have had any vaccine in the last 10-14 days, please do not enter.

“For hygiene reasons, no masks in store.”

A sign out the front of the store. Picture: InstagramSource:Supplied

Dramatic footage of the confrontation, which took place on Thursday, was posted to their Instagram and showed the female owner being bundled into the back of a police van by two police officers.

Meanwhile, the male owner was grabbed by officers and wrestled to the ground after approaching police to ask “what has she done?” regarding the woman.

“What is she guilty of?” the woman filming can be heard shouting.

Officers urged the man to walk away before he was grabbed, pushed into the van and wrestled to the ground.

The person filming the ordeal can be heard saying “Mark, Mark”.

“Stop resisting, you’re under arrest,” one officer said.

The owners of the organic food store posted footage to Instagram. Picture: InstagramSource:Instagram

The store posted footage of the incident to social media alongside a caption which said police were having discussions with the owners for an hour and a half before the arrest.

“A customer and a friend decided to film the discussion … that’s when it all kicked off. They refused to allow the filming and forcibly tried to remove her from the store,” they claimed.

The Organic Store’s Instagram is filled with posts questioning the Covid vaccines and advocating against masks.

They have been vocal about their anti-mask and anti-vaccine views. Picture: InstagramSource:Supplied

Masks are mandatory indoors across NSW as the state grapples with its latest outbreak of Covid.

Twenty-four new cases were recorded on Thursday, including a nurse and aged care worker, sparking fears of a further spread.

NSW Police were contacted for comment and said more information would be available later on Friday in their Covid wrap.

While providing the daily Covid-19 update on Friday, NSW Police Deputy Commissioner Gary Worboys said this type of behaviour was “not on”.

“Police took suitable action. They went to that location as a result of community concern,” he said.

“A number of people in the community alerted police to that (store’s anti-mask policy) and police went there and took action.”

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