Britney Spears Tells Her Fans She Is ‘Fasting Everyday’

Singer Britney Spears is prompting concern with her latest Instagram post.

After posting a photo of carrot juice to get her followers’ attention, she told her fans that she is “fasting daily,” prompting concern about her health.

Britney Spears Claims That She Is ‘Fasting Everyday,’ Sparking Concern

In her latest Instagram post, Britney started off by talking about Maui, which prompted many fans to wonder if she is on another vacation. “I’ve been to Maui so many times 🌴 !!! I swear it never gets old here 😍 !!!” she wrote. “I find my inner goddess !!! I sweat 💦, cry 😭, run 🏃‍♀️, swim 🏊‍♀️ , and play 😜 !!!! Mother Nature speaks to me in a different way !!!”

Britney revealed that she is trying to take care of her physical and mental health by meditating daily. It appears that she’s also into juice cleanses now, especially carrot juices, and told her followers that she is “fasting everyday,” although it’s unclear if she is using the popular method of intermittent fasting or how long she is going without eating.

“I feel like I’m guided to where my heart flies 💞 !!! Life can be so crazy !!! So in times like this I reel it in to find my grounds and pray !!!” she wrote. “Sitting still and listening to my voice within 🧘🏼‍♀️ !!! I meditate everyday and try to understand the meaning of self love 💕 … I guess it’s different for all of us !!! I’m also into carrot juice 🥕 at the moment and I’m fasting everyday 🤗 !!!”

Although several fans are worried that Britney might not be eating enough, she said that she feels “a bit more clear” when she is fasting. Ultimately, it seems her time in Hawaii is doing her some good, as she says that she feels more “blessed” and notices the details in nature more than she does back at home.

“It’s a cleanse so I’ve been feeling a bit more clear !!! I notice that I can breathe better when I’m fasting and there seems to be a better sense of knowing !!! I’m blessed for each day I have here !!!” she continued. “I appreciate the trees 🌳, sea 🌊, and the overall simply way of life here !!! How people pass a simple smile to each other 😁 !!! I hope you are all having a beautiful day ☀️ !!! God Bless !!!”

Britney Thanks Drew Barrymore For Coming To Her Wedding

The “Hold Me Closer” didn’t invite her family to her June wedding to Iranian actor Sam Asghari, but she did invite many of her famous friends, including actress Drew Barrymore. In the same post, Britney thanked her for “bringing light” to her wedding in a lengthy PS.

“Psss … @drewbarrymore – thank you for bringing light to my wedding ⭐️ !!!” Britney wrote. “Yes there was so much light in the room ✨ !!! We have both been through so much and you declaring my cry for freedom in a country where we are all equal is not only in verb with HUMANITY 🌏 !!!”

“It calls for every person who fought for me in a time where just a silly and childish ‘Free Britney’ shirt 👚 actually had more meaning to me than just that !!!” she continued, referencing the pink shirts that her fans wore when they were trying to free her from her stifling 13-year conservatorship, which ended last November.

Britney seemed to address the “50 First Dates” actress directly, adding, “You reminded me of the night of my wedding to just one and one thing only !!! A smile with my eyes closed 😊 !!! Last psss !!! It’s so nice to sometimes play the angel … right ladies ??? When you know you’re the f—ing devil 😝 !!! Carry on 😏 !!! And here’s to CARROT JUICE 😋 !!!!”

As one fan wrote in the comments, “‘And here’s to CARROT JUICE 😋’ ….sis what???😭😭😭.” Other fans praised Britney for opening up about her feelings, with another follower writing, “😍 Such a profound and light-filled post! I love what you share with us! You are light in this 🌍 💕.”

The “Stronger” singer recently didn’t hold back in another recent Instagram video where she cried on camera and said that she is not having a breakdown. Fans can check out that emotional video and caption by clicking here.

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