Calisthenics vs Weight Training| Which Is Better For Building Muscle?

In this video we will compare and contrast calisthenics vs weight training to see which style of training is better for building muscle. To do this We will look at some key training variables that affect muscle growth and see which style of training the variable can be more effectively implemented and performed to get the muscle building results you want. Here are the variables that we will go over.

Variables For Building Muscle:
Volume- Doing enough sets and reps to properly break down the muscles so they rebuild and grow and become stronger

Intensity-Heaviness of the weight compared to your 1 rep max
1.5 for weight training hear because of how much easier it is to achieve more effective levels of intensity

Progression- How your able to constantly progress exercises as you become stronger and more well trained to ensure you keep making progress in your workouts

Consistency-staying consistent
1.5 for calisthenics because of the ease of use and lack of resources, money and equipment needed

Variety- Use different exercises to target specific muscle groups at certain angle to be able to sculpt and build muscle more effectively

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