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An Organic Life Begins with Organic Nutrition

We know very well that healthy eating directly affects children’s physical and mental development. That’s why we’ve built our entire nutrition program on menus consisting of 100% natural, organic and seasonal ingredients.

Our holistic “organic life” philosophy influences children’s lives positively by giving them a broader sense of nutrition and health. As individuals, our students learn to respect their bodies and their environments, as they learn about self-care and respect for nature through the foods they enjoy.

We offer our children breakfast, lunch and snacks that are both certified organic as well as nutritious (not to mention delicious!), prepared for by our on-site in-house chef who specializes in organic food preparation.

We create delicious menus for our children using farm-fresh and seasonal vegetables and fruits, combining them with legumes and meats, and bringing them together with new flavors. We do not offer any candy at any of our schools, and we create healthy snacks for our children using the same “organic life” philosophy. Our breakfasts, meals and snack menus are shared with our parents on a weekly basis.

Please inform the school if your child has any food allergies.


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