Cancer Prevention Foods To Eat & Avoid – Q&A 99: Best Diet For Cancer Prevention

What is the best diet for cancer?
Here are some recipes and menu ideas for the best foods to fight and prevent cancer.

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Today, it’s about answering your questions. And it’s all about what is the best diet for cancer. Cancer is such an important topic, it, it hits too many people’s homes, all of us have been touched by cancer. And, you know, it’s just the word that none of us want to hear. But if we can do anything in our diet to help thwart it, or to help overcome it, then I’m all over it.

Question 1: What recipes would you recommend for cancer patients?

So first, my first would be smoothies and not just because we’re talking about the protein powder, but they can be filled with such great nutrients. And they’re also blended well so people can drink them throughout the entire day. They can do it between treatments in between treatments before treatments post treatment post surgery pre surgery, they’re extremely nutritious.

The second recipe is my Power Five salads. And this is just how you can have a lot of foods already prepped and you can just kind of grab and go and mix up a different salad for every meal of the day. And you could change it up for what however you’re feeling I typically don’t teach to eat by feelings but when you’re going through cancer treatments, sometimes we have to because we have taste preferences.

Third, the power meals. And that’s where I would start because they’re versatile and they’re highly nutritious. So So that’s where I would start, and I hope you enjoy those.

Question 2: How do I manage my health with a cancer diagnosis?

The same way you would if there was no cancer, eat the food guide called Good. Avoid every single lab experiment, no questions about it, they are not your in your best interest, they never will be exercised daily, fast, at least 12 hours every day, let the Lord speak to you sing his praises, and your cells know the sound of praise and they respond T cell count goes up, that’s your fighters drink lots of water. Most importantly, we eat the foods he called good just like I just shared, we have smoothies, we have the power five salad, we have the power meals.

Question 3: What are the foods that are anti inflammatory and can help with cancer?

Well, inflammatory foods are always always 100% going to be lab experiments. So never again eat foods that you don’t know where they came from, or how many people touched it. And if it was designed in a lab, then just as I answered in a previous questions that I’ve done here, we want to avoid it, we’re looking for foods that are not processed. If there’s a list of ingredients, no, we don’t want that anything that has been processed is because the chemical structure of that food has been changed, then it’s going to cause havoc in your body. So it also changes your taste preferences, and it changes your ability to digest, we were unable to digest, we now can have inflammation even from good healthy foods, we can have inflammation if we’re unable to digest.

So improve your gut health with the right enzymes, eat the foods God called good and avoid lab experiments. I hope this helps!

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