Vaccines Dangers

Watch: Anti-Vaxxers Crash Jimmy Kimmel Show To Warn of Vaccine Dangers

Protesters from the organization V is for Vaccine infiltrated a taping of Jimmy Kimmel LIVE to interrupt his interview with pro-vaccine actress Kristen Bell. Bell was on the set Thursday to promote her new movie “Frozen 2” when several protesters among the audience shouted, “Vaccines can causes injury and death! Stop discriminating against vaccine-injured children,

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Five Scientific Facts: Links between Autism and Vaccines?

We now know that immune cells and their chemicals can cross the epithelial barrier into the brain, particularly now when we have many blood-brain-barrier disrupters in our environment. Cytokines in sufficient numbers will activate the brain’s microglia to withdraw their appendages, transforming them into roaming macrophages that travel around the brain several times in an

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Autism and Vaccines

Baby Playing with a Ball Autism and Vaccines I received a comment to the article I wrote entitled: Are vaccines Safe: Questioning Forced Vaccinations. This comment inspired me to write the following article: Dear Mary, Thank you for writing.There is not one road to autism, but many possible roads. In a susceptible child exposure to

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There is no link between autism and vaccines

CONNECTTWEETLINKEDINCOMMENTEMAILMORE Signs posted at The Vancouver Clinic in Vancouver, Wash., warn patients and visitors of a measles outbreak on Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2019. The outbreak has sickened 39 people in the Pacific Northwest, with 13 more cases suspected. At least one patient who was sick with the measles has come to this clinic for treatment

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