Cathay Pacific Introduces Lounge Yoga & Meditation

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I’m a big fan of airlines that introduce unique lounge amenities, whatever form they might come in.

This is true whether we’re talking about the bedrooms in the Qatar Airways Al Safwa Lounge

Or the gym in the Etihad Airways First Class Lounge

Or the 60 minute full body massages in the Thai Airways First Class Lounge

Well, Cathay Pacific has just introduced something in their lounges that I don’t think we’ve ever seen before.

Cathay Pacific has just opened up a yoga and meditation section in The Pier Business Class Lounge in Hong Kong. This lounge is open to oneworld first and business class passengers, as well as oneworld Emerald and Sapphire members.

The new space is called The Sanctuary by Pure Yoga, and consists of a 700 square foot area divided into two zones — The Body Sanctuary, dedicated to yoga, and The Mind Sanctuary, dedicated to meditation and focusing and calming the mind.

As Cathay Pacific’s Manager of Customer Experience and Design describes it:

“Wellness is becoming increasingly important to our customers and The Sanctuary by Pure Yoga in our Pier Business Class lounge is the perfect place to relax before a flight. We listen to the needs of our customers and continuously evolve to improve their experience with us.

Whether it’s dining at our popular Noodle Bar, catching up with some work, or enjoying a drink at the bar or at the Teahouse, there are myriad ways for our customers to spend time at the lounge. Now they’ll also be encouraged to meditate and practice yoga before flying with us.”

Here’s how The Body Sanctuary is described:

Among the wellness offerings, The Body Sanctuary provides travellers with a space for gentle yoga with guided videos led by Pure Yoga teachers. There’s also a secluded space for self-practice. Seated stretching is an alternative option; chairs overlook instructions on how to stretch different parts of the body whilst seated. The exercises are designed to improve circulation, enhance joint mobility and relax the mind for a comfortable and restful journey.

Meanwhile here’s how The Mind Sanctuary is described:

Within The Mind Sanctuary there are two types of meditation on offer. The first is audio meditation: four cushioned pods are equipped with noise-cancelling headphones and iPads, and customers can listen to guided meditation sessions narrated by Pure Yoga’s expert teachers. The second is gazing meditation: comfortable cushions overlook graphics placed on the wall ahead and facilitate Trataka yoga practice.

These practices help to improve focus, memory and visualisation skills, as well as centering the mind in a state of awareness and attention.

This is the latest collaboration between Cathay Pacific and Pure group. In addition to this new yoga section:

  • Cathay Pacific has a series of inflight videos to help passengers ease into their journeys with meditation and yoga (though I’m not sure exactly how the yoga is supposed to work on a plane)
  • Diamond and Gold Marco Polo Club members arriving in Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific or Cathay Dragon receive complimentary one-day access to any Pure Fitness center or a choice of any Pure Yoga class up to 12 times per year

Bottom line

While I personally doubt I’ll be using this (I’d rather meditate in The Pier First Class Lounge with a glass of champagne, and I’m about as flexible as a knife), I think this is a really great concept. 😉

I really think airlines need to do more to incorporate wellness into flying, and to me that should include than initiatives like Westin renting out used sneakers to guests.

This is a very nice initiative, and I’d be curious to check it out the next time I pass through Hong Kong to see how many people are using it.

What do you make of the concept of airport lounge yoga and meditation?

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