Changing Lives in Detox – The Healing Place

There’s no secret to the undying gratitude that I have for The Healing Place. I feel as though I’ve been set in my happy place – my forever home – every time I walk through the doors of detox to come to work.

Every day is not always going to be a good day, no matter whether you’re talking about recovery, life, or work, but knowing I’m supported by co-workers who not only believe in our mission but in me as well overwhelms my heart with appreciation. I sit and witness the miraculous transformation of lives and mindsets firsthand. I am able to lend advice and direction, while not only helping free that client, but every life that they engulfed in their flames of addiction.

I love that there is a facility that’s more client based, client-oriented, and inclusive. I love that I don’t have to turn clients away because they don’t have an ID or insurance. I love I’m able to meet a client right where they are and be transparent in assisting them on what’s best as they choose a path to recovery. I see this at The Healing Place and because of this place lives are being resurrected.

I’m not only a detox and overnight supervisor at The Healing Place Women’s Campus, but I’m also and former client and a proud Alumni. I came to the doorstep from 350 miles away and the doors to detox opened the same for me as it would have for a client seeking help from down the street. I admire the consistency in helping people and the authenticity of our staff that holds high regards for our clients and each other.

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