Chasing Challenges and Other New Classes Live Now!

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Start the week off strong by diving into new Aaptiv classes live in-app now! Take a few minutes to wind down with a meditation, like In the Heart with Aaptiv trainer Jade A. Or, increase your mental toughness with Chasing Challenges, an outdoor running class with Aaptiv trainer Rochelle B.

Strength Training

Kick It with Kettlebells with Amanda B.
Full Body + Kettlebells: You’ll need a mat, bench, and a set of medium weight kettlebells, ranging from 22lb to 35lb, as well as a heavier kettlebell, ranging from 53lb to 70lb. You’ll quickly warm up and then work through lateral lunges, chest presses, goblet cleans to squats, single-side rack holds, kettlebell swings, blast-off push-ups, pistol squats, wall planks, kettlebell figure-eights, squat thrusts, bent-over rows, and more. You’ll have some rest in between exercises. This is a great class for someone looking to get a serious sweat sesh in.

Quick and Efficient with Amanda B.
Full Body: You’ll need a mat for this workout. Perform seven different exercises, with 10 seconds of rest in between each. Exercises include jumping jacks, air squats, modified push-ups, alternating reverse lunges, arch-ups, mountain climbers, and Russian twists. The focus here is on perfecting your form while blasting calories.

Stronger Self with Ackeem E.
Upper Body: You’ll need a set of dumbbells for this workout. Beginners grab an 8lb set, intermediates grab a 10lb set, and advanced users grab a 15lb set. You’ll start with a core warm up consisting of leg lifts, flutters, bicycles, and side planks, working for 40 seconds on, 20 seconds off. Then, you’ll work through rounds of upper body focused strength work. You’ll have 60 seconds to complete 12 to 15 reps of each movement. Movements include rowers, push-ups, boulder shoulder combos, curls to presses, burpees, and push-up planks.

Circuit Werk-It with Erin S.
Upper Body + Core: In this intermediate strength training workout you will work through two circuits of three exercises each. These circuits focus on your upper body and core. In the first circuit, you’ll perform push-ups, plank marches, and forearm plank holds with hip dips. In the second, you’ll work through hollow holds, v-sits, and heel taps.

Burnin’ to Bruno with Kenta S.
Full Body: You’ll be using your bodyweight for this class. Work through a quick warm-up, then follow four calorie-torching circuits. Each exercise has four exercises, and you’ll perform each for 30 seconds. The mantra for this workout is “let go.” Work to an all-Bruno Mars playlist and work your full body.

Pre-Run Warm-Up with Kenta S.
Full Body: This class uses bodyweight exercises to warm up before an outdoor or treadmill run.

Stronger than the Beat with Mary O.
Full Body: All you need for this class is your bodyweight and a mat. You’ll start with jumping jacks, then work through squat variations, planks, giant climbers, reverse lunges, hip extensions, and more. You’ll work to the beat.

Total Body Toner with Mary O.
Full Body: This beginner strength workout is designed to target your entire body. Each song will challenge a different part of your body. You’ll perform high knees, planks, down dogs, super mans, air squats, and burpees.

Work Hard, Work Harder with Mike S.
Upper Body: All you need for this 10-minute EMOM-style class is your bodyweight. You’ll be working on push-ups and deadbug variations, alternating between the two at the top of each minute. There is no rest, so get ready to sweat! You’ll work your chest and core.

Fire Up Those Legs with Mike S.
Lower Body + Weights: You’ll need a medium-sized medicine ball for this advanced strength class. You’ll have eight exercises, broken into four supersets. The first two supersets will be two rounds each, and the last two supersets will be three rounds each. You’ll work for 40 seconds at a time. Movements include walkouts, mountain climbers, jump squats, roll outs, ice skaters, planks, reverse lunges, and hamstring curls. You’ll work your legs and core.

Seven-Minute Squat Squad with Rachel M.
Lower Body + Weights: You’ll need a medium to heavy kettlebell for this 7-minute advanced strength workout. You’ll be doing goblet squats for the duration. This workout is structured as an EMOM with short rests in between. At the top of each minute you’ll complete 15 goblet squats for seven sets.

Build Your Core with Sultan M.
Core + Equipment: This class is broken into two groups of exercises, with three exercises in each. You’ll perform each exercise three times, working for 20 seconds at a time. You’ll have 15 seconds of rest in between groups. Exercises consist of leg raises, sit-ups, bicycles, and side planks.

Growing Gains with Sultan M.
Upper Body + Weights: You’ll need a set of dumbbells for this class. Pick a weight that doesn’t jeopardize your form. Perform sets of deadlifts, bicep curls, and overhead tricep extensions. The focus is on working your back and arms. Pay attention to your form and don’t compromise it as you start to fatigue.

Three-in-One Flow with Sultan M.
Full Body + Weights: You’ll have five sets of a compound movement. The movement is sumo squats-to-bicep curls-to-reverse shoulder raises. You’ll work for 35 seconds on, 30 seconds off. You’ll build your legs, shoulders, and biceps.


Mobility Stretch with Amanda B.
Full Body: You’ll need a mat for this full-body stretch class. You’ll start with a dynamic warm-up, flow through some opening exercises, and end with static stretching. You’ll release tension in your muscles to improve range of motion and mobility.

Lower Body Focused with Jaime M.
Lower Body: This stretch is all about loosening the lower body. You’ll fold over, walk your hands to the right and left, lunge, squat, and more to release tight muscles.

Morning Stretch with Kenta S.
Full Body: Wake up your mind and your body with a full body stretch to release tension. The mantra for this workout “rise and shine.” Let your inner light and energy shine out into the world.

The Best Stretch with Rachel M.
Lower Body: Start by opening your hips and reaching for the sky on each side to stretch out your back. Next, you’ll sit into a deep squat and open your hips from that position. You’ll repeat the series twice and end with a downward facing dog.


Power Through with Amanda B.
Full Body + Weights: This is a rowing and strength workout. You’ll need a set of dumbbells, ranging from 12.5lb to 17.5lb. You should be able to press them overhead and row without compromising your form. You’ll also need a heavier dumbbell, ranging from 20lb-30lb. You will use this for single-leg deadlifts. You’ll warm up on the rower before working through five rounds of 30-second sprints. You’ll have 30 seconds of rest in between each. Following that, you’ll hop off the machine for a strength workout. You’ll repeat this cycle of sprint intervals and strength work twice more.

Row 4K with Rachel M.
Intervals + Endurance: In this advanced rowing workout, you’ll push through a 2000-meter, 1000-meter, and two 500-meter rowing intervals. Focus on technique and pacing for the longer rows. The shorter the distance gets, the more aggressively you’ll pace your row.


Work the Tread with Ackeem E.
Intervals: You’ll warm up at a speed of 5.0. Then, you’ll work through sprint intervals bookended with endurance circuits. Use your midfoot strike, arms, and mental toughness to keep your form clean.

Walking on Cloud Nine with Jaime M.
Walk + Jog: You’ll warm up at a speed of 3.5, then alternate between walking, incline, and light jogging intervals. The word of this workout is “finish.” You’ll work to the music of Kygo and Cazzette.

In the Tread Zone with John T.
Walk + Jog: This beginner treadmill workout features a variety of challenges. You’ll work through jogging intervals for every other song, alternating with incline walks for recovery.

15-Minute Quick HIIT with Meghan T.
HIIT: This workout is all about the intervals. Each is 60 seconds in length. It’s meant to help the athlete increase stamina, endurance, and power. You’ll focus on the mechanics of foot strike and the importance of staying under your hips. This workout has a progression pattern that you’ll repeat twice. You’ll walk and jog on incline, and reach peak speeds on a flat surface. You’ll incline will max out at 10.0 and your speed will max out at 8.5. It’s a great class to use as a warm-up or pair with a strength workout.

Start Here First with Meghan T.
Progression: This is a two-part workout. You’ll have 2-3 minutes to warm up with agility drills, then you’ll work through an 8-minute progression interval on the treadmill. You’ll start with an incline walk, progress to an incline jog, then build upon your pace on a flat road. This is a great class to pair with a strength workout or another treadmill class.

Outdoor Running

Run with Jenny with Ben G.
Intervals: This advanced outdoor run is set to a Jennifer Lopez playlist. You’ll warm up for 8 minutes, work for 26 minutes, and then cool down for 3 minutes. You’ll have nine, 2-minute intervals that build to a faster pace, followed by 1 minute of active recovery.

Consistency Defined with John T.
Progression: The playlist for this class features a six-song sequence that works on building speed and stamina as each song gets progressively challenging. You’ll walk for the first song, jog for the second, then sprint for the third, before repeating it all again.

Chasing Challenges with Rochelle B.
Intervals: In this beginner outdoor workout, you’ll have a different challenge with each of the ten songs in the playlist. You’ll start by walking it out and warming up, then you’ll work through intervals, steady-pace jogging, and sprints, before ending with a cool down.

Indoor Cycling

Retro Ride with Ben G.
Endurance: You’ll work through an 8-minute warm-up, followed by rounds of intervals and hills. You’ll work in and out of the saddle. Pay attention to your form as you cycle.

Ride to the Beat with Katie H.
Endurance: This intermediate workout is short, but efficient. First, find your pace and warm up. Then, you’ll have a 7-minute interval with uphill climbs and bends in the road. You’ll work in and out of the saddle.

Resistance Ride with Katie H.
Endurance: In this advanced ride, you’ll build resistance and ride through it, working mostly in the hard and breathless range. You’ll work both in and out of the saddle.

Sweat Family with Nicole M.
Intervals: This beginner ride is perfect for someone who has never been on an indoor bike. You’ll go over the machine, correct adjustments, and positioning. Then, you’ll get working on the bike. You’ll begin to use metrics as your goals and improve your form.

Warrior Ride with Nicole M.
Intervals: This 45-minute advanced ride includes an optional upper body segment, so you may want to have a pair of 3lb-5lb weights by your bike. Get started with light resistance, then sweat your way through the battle to grow into a new version of yourself.


Sun Salutations on Fire with Ceasar B.
Vinyasa Flow: This short dynamic flow combines the traditional sun salutation A with strength moves, such as push-ups, knees to elbows, and more core and endurance strength moves. You’ll start in child’s pose, then work through a sun salutation on fire.

Blowin’ in the Wind with Jade A.
Vinyasa Flow: This advanced class is a traditional vinyasa flow. Wake up your mind, body, and heart as you flow to Bob Dylan.

Athletic Flow with Jade A.
Vinyasa Flow: This yoga class is athletic and requires strength and endurance. Focus on your breath and let it move you through the postures. By adding some yoga into your routine you’ll gain strength and flexibility.

Shoulders Wide Open with Jade A.
Vinyasa Flow: This quick flow is focused on releasing tension in the shoulders for improved posture.


Settle into Stillness with Ceasar B.
Guided Meditation: Take a few minutes for stillness, and concentrate on consciously breathing. Allow your body and mind to relax, rejuvenate, and re-energize.

In the Heart with Jade A.
Guided Meditation: This focuses on your breath and heart beat. The goal is to open up your heart, connect with what you truly want, and find your inner peace.

Removing Resistance with Jess R.
Guided Meditation: The focus of this class is to remove obstacles and resistance in the mind and body. Close your eyes, focus on your breath, and bring awareness to your sense of self.

All About Adjusting with Jess R.
Guided Meditation: Pick a comfortable place to quiet your thoughts and find some stillness. The focus for this meditation is on adjusting your mind to regain control of your thoughts.

Holding Mudras with Jess R.
Guided Meditation: You’ll be doing a bit of kneeling, so make sure you have something to pad your knees nearby. You’ll be taking some hand postures, also known as mudras, to calm your mind.

Say Goodnight with Nicole M.
Guided Meditation: This meditation uses yoga nidra to help you fall asleep. Find a comfortable seat then come back to your breath. Let go of your day to come back to yourself and relax the mind.

Stair Climber

Climb Through the ‘80s with Erin S.
Intervals: In this 40-minute intermediate stair climber workout you will work on building endurance. Each interval decreases in speed but increases in duration by twenty seconds. In between each interval you’ll have a brief recovery.

Five Tracks, One Goal with Mary O.
Intervals: There are five tracks within this class. The first three will focus on speed to warm you up and build your cardiovascular endurance. The fourth track will focus on sprints. The fifth track will focus on recovery and building your glutes. You’ll work your lower body.


It’s a Dance Party with John T.
Intervals: This intermediate elliptical ride is completely set to the beat. Start with a resistance between 5.0 and 6.0, and if you have an incline, find a challenging setting. The higher the incline, the more you work your glutes. But remember not to sacrifice your form. You’ll focus on maintaining tempo while adding resistance and sprinting past the beat.

Let’s Pump It Up with Katie H.
Intervals: This intermediate elliptical workout features six songs. You’ll start at an incline and resistance of 4.0, and increase one or the other based on the song. You’ll work your legs, glutes, and core.


Box the Basics with Mary O.
Shadowboxing Technique: This 15-minute beginner boxing workout will move through the punches and their form. Each song will work on a separate punch. The final song will combine all of the different strikes to test your memory.

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