Chindian Man Treated Rudely By Restaurant Staff Despite Clarifying He Wasn’t Fasting

“I was treated like a criminal. I know I look like I’m Malay… But I’m Chinese.”

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They continued to order, when the same staff approached him again and asked, “Are you sure that you are not Muslim? If you are Muslim, please just take away.”

Daniell said he was initially fine with the questioning, as he knew it was the staff’s job to stop Muslim diners from eating on their premises during Ramadan

When he thought he could finally eat in peace, what happened next made him call the manager

“I don’t think it’s wrong that she wanted to confirm if you are Muslim or not. But the way she asked multiple times was definitely annoying,” said a Facebook user.

“She should have asked only once and straight got your IC for verification, then back off and not make fun of you. It also isn’t right to take another person’s IC away from them. I’m sorry on behalf of Muslim people that you were disrespected and treated that way. So embarrassing.”

Another user clarified, “Restaurants like these will get fined if indeed a Muslim is eating on their premises during puasa month. But I don’t think they have such rights to interrogate in such a discriminating manner. They should be fired.”

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