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Do I need to be a competitive athlete?

We work with clients with many different backgrounds and goals. Some want to change their body composition, others want to compete in a local event or in another sport from time to time, and others just want to feel good training and get one freaking pull up (and then another!). No matter what your interests are, your coach will design a plan for you to reach them.

How many workouts will I get per week?

Your training schedule will be co-created by you and your coach according to what works best for you, and your coach will write as many (or as few) workouts as you need. Your schedule may also change over time, and your coach can adjust your plan accordingly.

What kind of nutrition coaching is involved?

Our coaches are all working towards their Precision Nutrition certificates, and have years of experience coaching clients on sustainable ways to eat that will fuel your body with quality foods in the right quantities for you. Because each program is individualized, your coach will discuss nutrition with you and identify your top priorities. For some clients this may be simply drinking enough water and eating more slowly. For others it might be a detailed macronutrient plan. Your coach will provide all the information and accountability you need to form habits that support your needs and give you the confidence to make great nourishment part of your everyday routine.

What if I’m injured?

Whether you have a nagging injury from the past or a new issue pops up, your coach will make sure you are training safely and as pain free as possible. Your coach can program recovery workouts and recommend lifestyle practices that promote healing, and incorporate movements to work around your injuries and strengthen you over time. There is almost always a way to keep moving safely, and your coach will guide you through the process so you won’t have to guess how to modify workouts on your own.

How often will I communicate with my coach?

Your coach will be checking your workout results frequently throughout the week to answer any questions that come up and provide coaching notes if needed. The more information you add to your workouts in the TrueCoach app, the more your coach will be able to give feedback and fine tune your program. If appropriate for you, coaches will also add a weekly check-in to your program to see how your training, nutrition, and lifestyle factors such as stress and sleep are going. Your coach will also have a 30 minute Zoom call with you once per month, which is a great opportunity to dive deeper into program feedback to make sure you are loving your program.

What is the commitment for coaching?

Our coaches are committed to forming deep and lasting relationships with their clients. The minimum commitment to work with a coach is 6 months, though typically clients will stay on much longer, and discounts are available for longer contracts. Your coach is ready to meet your needs both now and as they evolve.

How do I get started?

The first step is to request a free consultation to make sure remote coaching is a good fit – we’ll find out more about your background and interests, get you all the information you need to make a decision, and match you with a caring, supportive coach who will follow up with you to get started should you choose to move forward. Your coach will be ready to meet you, get to know your needs, and design a training and nutrition program just for you.

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