CONTROLLED BURN – Running Through a Burned Out Forest

Thank you to Lululemon for supporting this project and for making my new favorite running shorts. They just dropped their new line of running apparel, I 100% recommend snagging some if you’re in the market.
#thesweatlife #lululemon #trailrunning

All filming and color grading done by our good friend Nick Goldston.

Clothing Worn in The Video:
Fast and Free shirt :
Fast and Free short:

Other pieces I love:
Fast and Free short sleeve (recycled):
5 year basic tee:
ABC Jogger Warpstream:

Normally I make a weekly triathlon show: We’re Eric Lagerstrom and Paula Findlay, we’re both professional triathletes and we train for and race triathlon for a living. Thanks so much for subscribing and helping us keep triathlon fun.

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