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Champions Club Scaling Notes

The kb swing is one of those movements that it’s easy to check the box on; did it get overhead or did it not. To me, the range of motion is only… well, not only… but mainly important for a retesting value. What if do can get it overhead but you overextend the spine every time? What if you can get it overhead but you start pulling with the arms/back after 20 reps? On the flip side, what if you don’t get it overhead but keep your bodyweight on your feet solid throughout the entire movement? Or what if you can’t get it overhead but you finally get the concept of squeezing your butt instead of just cranking it up with the back? It helps me to view range of motion as a movement factor more often than a movement standard, similar to speed, load, volume, and orientation. Today you have 150 chances to practice good deadlift habits, jumping habits, landing habits, core-to-extremity habits, and rhythm habits. And probably some more stuff I’m not thinking of. I think it would be a good idea to pick one of those things to emphasize, not just do the rep because that’s what it calls for. Lastly, BERT vs. Scott Frost tomorrow (or today, depending on when you read this): college football at it’s funniest!


Using volume to challenge our running and jumping capacity. Jumping with light weight, rhythm, stamina, and core-to-extremity are also themes.


See the rant. Check the box on swings or exaggerate something?


5 rounds for time of:

Run 400 (or somewhere around 1:30)

25 kb swings (cut ROM, keep rhythm/position)


Mush the kb swings all together, put them before the run if you want to use stamina/endurance to challenge the run, or after the run if you want to use endurance/stamina to challenge the swing


Do a few sets of short sprints with kb swings at the end. Rest in between


Upper-body – either one-arm dumbbell snatch or push press for kb swing

Lower-body – besides the obvious bike/row sub, doing an AMRAP with something like sit-ups and kb swings would be a good sub because they each tax out the other, but are large enough movement patterns that you can go for a while


12:38 as rx. I was a pansy on the first round and rested at 53. Last set was unbroken, but “checked the box” on the last 15 reps: all arms!


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