CrossFit Benchmark Workouts Jackie: Get Your Best Score! (Ultimate Strategy Guide)

Alternatively, I could scale down further and hold a trainer bar which weighs in at 15 pounds. I could do thrusters with the trainer bar, or instead of thrusters, I could just do hand thrusters.

Hand thrusters are full-depth squats, and just put my hands up in the air (like you just don’t care). That would be a great scale.

If I was having, you know, maybe my grandmother do Jackie, in some way shape or form, I probably have her scale down the amount of rowing she has to do.

We’d do 30 squats with hands above our head, possibly with a broomstick, if we really wanted her to have a bar.

Then, we would modify the pull-ups heavy heavily. We could use a PVC pull-down with a band; that would be a very, very skilled approach. 

If you’re trying to RX it, the first sticking point is the 30 pull-ups. For some people, this is frankly too much volume and ultimately increases the likelihood of getting hurt.

If you’re trying to learn strict pull-ups, you can check my free guide below.

Another scaling alternative for pull-ups is slightly changing the movement to jumping pull-ups or, similarly to the thrusters, reducing the pull-up volume from 30 to 15.

You can do all kinds of different pull-up modifications: the main key here is high effort and high output. You want your score falling somewhere in that five to 10-minute range.

If you’re scaling, you don’t want to be finishing at the five minutes mark. That means you’ve probably scaled a little bit too much. But, on the other hand, if you’ve scaled this workout and ended up in that 7 to 10-minute range, that is a great sign that you scaled properly.

The bottom line is: to get the stimulus for Jackie, we need to have some form of pulling on the row, some sort of pressing with a squat, aka thruster or some version of it, and then some sort of pull-up. 

Strategies for Jackie That I know you will love

Okay, so if you’ve decided to hit Jackie as prescribed. Now, I would love to go over a few of the strategy pieces and the gear that I suggest you use in this workout.

First, let’s talk about the gear and then we’ll get into the strategy. 

So there are only two pieces of gear that you might use for this workout. The first is some form of gymnastic grip could be really beneficial for you that you don’t need them on the rower.

You don’t need the grips for the barbell, but you might want them for your set of pull-ups. When we get to the strategy, I’m going to tell you, that if you want to get your best score, you really need to push max effort on the pull-ups.

A lot of times, when people go max effort on pull-ups, guess what, they rip their pretty little hands. So I would suggest investing in some form of grips.

 To help prevent your hands from ripping, you can either go the old-school approach to shave your calluses and then go bare hands on the pull-ups. That’s what I’ve typically done in the past.

Alternatively, if you haven’t shaved your calluses, I would suggest wearing a pair of grips that should lock me into the pull-up bar. 

If you rip in the middle of a workout, even if you’re 15 reps in, those last 15 reps with bloody ripped hands are going to hurt your score.

PLUS, those ripped hands are going to hurt the rest of your workouts for the remainder of the week and maybe a month.

So invest in a pair of grips. 

Secondarily, we also have you could use weightlifting shoes.

Ideally, with Jackie, you want to look for more lightweight weightlifting shoes so that they’re not going to weigh you down too much on the pull-ups.

 What you’ll notice is that when you’re wearing weightlifting shoes, the heel is raised up. So this is half an inch rise above the heel which makes the squatting pattern easier. 

If you’ve ever used weightlifting shoes or put a 5-pound plate underneath your heels (or maybe worn high heels, which I personally haven’t), you will be able to squat a lot more easily.

That’s going to make those thrusters easier.

Alright, now let’s talk strategy.

Regardless of which option you’re choosing to pursue this workout, you should be smoked by the end of this workout.

So let’s start with the rower.

This particular workout, it would be more beneficial to have a hips-high rowing technique rather than a squatty rowing technique. You’re trying to engage your hamstrings a little bit more, which is the more proper way to row. 

Keeping your hips high and your knees slightly extended will help you load your hamstrings and glutes rather than smoking your quads. Because you will smoke your quads on the thrusters, the pacing technique I would use for the rower will allow you to leave a little bit in the tank.

For me, I’m going to come out like medium strong, I’m going to go kind of hot in the middle, and then I’m going to slowly taper down a little bit towards the end.

So that I’m finishing this row with a nice deep breath, allowing myself to calm down before I hit the barbell. 

When I do get to the barbell, I don’t waste any time. I pick it up, and I’m going to try to do 50 unbroken. Same allies for the pull-up bar. It’s worth noting that not everyone’s gonna be able to do that. 

The main mistake to avoid here is going full send on the rower. If you sprint on that 1000-metre row, you will crash and burn on the thrusters in the pull-ups, and you’re gonna sacrifice a lot of time.

So I’d rather you have a little bit in the tank for the first half of the workout, which is the row and then for the second half of the workout, you’re going to have more energy to attack it with a full head of steam.

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