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My Weight Loss Meal/Diet Plans:-

7 Roti Paratha :-
4 Veg Roll Recipes :-
Dhokla Recipe For Weight Loss :-
Oats & Ragi Idli :-
Jowar Idli :-
7 Dal Recipe :-
Multigrain Roti :-
Rice For Weight Loss :-
Quinoa Pulao :-
Weight Loss Salad :-
Chilli Soya Chunks :-
Masala Soya Chunks :-
Soya Chunks Bowl :-
Stuff Paratha Recipe :-

This is a channel through which I share My journey and experiences of weight loss with my viewers.
These remedies and diets worked on me but each person is different and react differently to these remedies and diets so please consult
your doctor before trying any remedy and diets suggested in my video.The recommendations given on this channel
may not work for everyone,and should not be considered as an excuse to not visit your doctor or consult a medical practitioner.

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