Discover How to Activate The Hidden Powers of your Third Eye – The Pineal Gland

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Featured video from Infinite Waters. Subscribe to his YouTube channel here.

There is a little known part of our brain called the pineal gland more commonly known as our third eye. It’s shaped like a pine cone, hence the name.

This tiny pine cone shaped part of our brain is in charge of producing serotonin derivative melatonin that has to deal with our hormones that affects our sleeping patterns and our seasonal functions.

The pineal gland is found near the center of our brain and is placed in-between the two hemispheres.

There is a reason why many people don’t know much information about the pineal gland. The elites in this world understand its fullest potential and want to keep us in the dark.

The pineal gland is essentially the portal between the physical and spiritual world for humans. When activated, the sensation of euphoria and oneness fills the persons mind, giving them a sense of all knowing. One can achieve this activation through yoga, meditation and a variety of other methods.

Once you learn how to activate this part of our brain you will be able to ‘astral project’ or ‘remote view’ which is essentially you travelling to other dimensions out-with your body.

Through ancient methods and advanced practices, one could even control the thoughts and actions of other people in the physical world.

Much of this probably sounds both impossible and implausible to you, but many governments as well as various ‘organizations’ have been researching these effects for a really long time, keeping the information under lock from the public eye.

Much of how modern society operates is actually designed in such a way to limit our ability to activate our pineal gland. One major contributing factor is the consumption of sodium fluoride that many people digest on a daily basis through their water supply. The pineal gland absorbs most of the sodium fluoride that enters our bodies.

This essentially dumbs the pineal gland down by no longer being able to balance our hormonal processes in the body.

Studies in the United States show that the water supply contains 90% of fluoride and other various components. Not even the basic water filters you buy at the super market are able to filter out fluoride fully.

One way to combat this is reverse osmosis or water distillation, water distillation being the cheaper option. Check out this video to find our more about decalcification of the gland.

Many of you will be thinking this sounds like a conspiracy but no one can deny the huge disconnect between peoples understanding of reality and their own spirituality. People are caught up in the physical world’s way of thinking that we are just human bodies here for a limited time. When if we could just open our minds… with the help of our pineal glands we would understand that we are all infinite energy essentially having a temporary human experience. The world is waking up and more of us are beginning to realize and understand the powers we all have within.

Kasim Khan, Founder of EiC – Follow me on Instagram here

Here is a neat video from Infinite Waters which talks about the subject in more detail:


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