Doctor reveals: the TRUTH about juicing

Doctor reveals: the TRUTH about juicing
During the course of his career, Dr. Gundry has encountered many misconceptions about nutrition, and a Lot of these revolve around fruit. As most of you already know, the Plant Paradox “yes” list includes some seasonal fruit as a special treat, the overall consensus is that you should try to avoid fructose as much as possible. Because at the end of the day, your body processes fructose in the same way as sugar, which means that fruit is literally “nature’s candy”.

“Ok – fructose might be bad, but fruit contains some healthy stuff too right? Fiber, nutrients, vitamins… Exactly, you’re absolutely right! Which is why it’s even More strange that some people have chosen to follow the juicing trend, which involves separating the sugary water and THROWING AWAY all the pulp, aka the “good stuff”. In this video, Dr. Gundry tackles the juicing myth, once and for all.

And don’t worry – even if you’ve invested in an expensive juice machine, Dr. Gundry has a very handy trick for using it to your advantage (hint: it is Not by juicing celery).

So whether you need some information to bring back to your juice-crazed friend, or just looking to inform yourself, make sure to watch this video from Steven Gundry MD for the most updated health information!

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