Epic Running of the Goats @Sunflower Farm Creamery

Yahhhoooooo!!!!! To celebrate to end of the 2021 kidding season and the birth of 60 healthy, hopping cuties, we started today with an epic run that ended in the kids’ favorite treat…mama’s milk! 33 bucklings and 27 doelings, 22 mamas, and 6 retired goats are featured in this video! Catch a look at the end of the video of our newest arrivals…triplets who were born last night to Claire on her birthday! They are named Hershey, Maya (chocolate has roots in Mayan culture), and Costa Chica in celebration of National Chocolate Ice cream Day! Make every day worth celebrating farm friends. And thanks for celebrating this kidding season’s beautiful arrivals with us again this year. The first three boys leave today. Radish’s kids are all going together to an awesome home as neutered pets. Their human mama has been waiting for goats for a long time. There will be kids around into August of you want to come see us and them 11-5 on Saturdays!
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Thanks for visiting farm friends.
Read more about our Farm philosophy and check out our live barn cam here: http://www.sunflowerfarm.info/sunflowerfarmlivefeed

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