Evolutionary.org 467 Big episode all about cooking and dieting for the bodybuilding lifestyle. – Evolutionary.org

1-Ideas to make meal prep easier
2- Healthy Recipes
3- cooking tips and tricks
4-BBQ Ideas
discuss chicken cooking https://www.evolutionary.org/forums/supplements/how-much-does-chicken-breast-weigh-grams-62573.html
Read an article about making guacamole https://www.evolutionary.org/guacamole-recipe/

1. Autophagy- Steve goes through what it is and how it will help you
2. reversing type 2 diabetes – How fasting actually reverses type 2 diabetes
3. Fat loss benefits – Yes we all know fasting is good for fat loss, but what is the whole story?
4. Insulin and glucagon – Did you know these hormones store and burn fat? how to manipulate them
5. How to fast and how long – There are MANY different ways to fast, Steve goes through the different types
6. Why counting calories/macros is inferior compared to fasting when it comes to long term and permanent fat loss – Steve explains why counting macros and calories does not work and fasting DOES work long term for fat loss.
largest study ever done showing that eating in a calorie deficit does NOT work long term https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/fullarticle/202138
” when the final results were tallied in 2006, there was only crushing disappointment. Despite good compliance, over 7 years of calorie counting led to virtually no weight loss. Not even a single pound. This study was a stunning and severe rebuke to the Caloric theory of obesity. Reducing calories did not lead to weight loss.”

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