EXCLUSIVE: Malaika Arora on battling judgment post divorce from Arbaaz Khan: It was the lowest phase of my life

Actors Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora tied the knot in 1998; however, what came as a shocker was when the couple decided to end their 19 years of marriage. Back in 2017, Arbaaz and Malaika got officially divorced, leaving many fans heartbroken. Nevertheless, divorces can be emotionally taxing and they can leave an impact on many. Well, speaking about the same during an exclusive chat with Bollywood Bubble’s Her Story season 2, Malla spoke about the judgements she received and the lowest phase of her life when she got separated from Arbaaz.

When asked if she ever felt this at any point in her life, to which Malaika responded, “Yes, I did. I felt like I went through personal struggles, I went through a separation, I went through family pressure, I went having to deal with how my child (Arhaan Khan) would cope with it, how would I cope with it, how the society be, will I able to work, will I able to be just myself, all these doubts went through my head. I think that probably, for me, would be my lowest in life, I would definitely say that because it was such a huge upheaval in my life and it was such a change for me to deal with because it was not just me personally, it was my family involved, it was my kid involved, there were so many other aspects involved and they were not just anything because a decision could impact so many other lives.”

Malla mentioned that she had to take the decision with a firm mind as it is going to make an impact on the people around her. She continued, “The decision that I had to make had to be that I was clear about, I was firm about it, I thought about it, so I couldn’t be wavered about it like today I’m feeling like this and tomorrow I’ll be feeling like this, I can’t be that because like I said my decision is going to impact on all the lives around me. And when I say mine, at the end of the day it is two people, it is a couple, it was a husband and wife, we together decided that this is what was best but yes, it was definitely the most difficult, the lowest phase in my life where I probably did turn to a lot of aspects like Yoga, meditation. I turned to it because I felt these are the outlets that would help to channelise better,” adding that Yoga was a blessing for her.

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Post divorce, Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora co-parent a son named, Arhaan Khan.

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