Five simple tips to make healthy eating a priority! πŸ’š

5 simple tips to make healthy eating a priority!

1. Eliminate distractions: make a goal to go on social media half the time you normally do and use that time for health-related activities instead, like prepping salad!

2. Control your input: Watching CNN all day is not useful. Stay informed if you like, but think carefully about what you are putting in your head at all times. Does what you watch improve your health or contribute to more stress? (i.e. watch more health food related content! hint hint: subscribe to my youtube channel!:)

3. Make small shifts: If you’re going to Taco Bell 3 times a week, it’s not realistic to think you’ll quit going there next week and be 100% Nutritarian (but do it if you want to, more power to ya:). Instead, make small shifts out of your current behavior and towards the intended behavior. For example, instead of Taco Bell 3 times per week, decide to go 1 time less per week for a while. Then only go 2x a month. Then once a month….etc. only make these small shifts when you’re ready, based on careful thought and consideration.

4. Make realistic goals: Make a small goals instead of huge goals. For example, make it your goal to lose 1 pound and keep it off forever, rather than 50.

5. Work on the thoughts behind why you choose what you do. This is mindset work. What we teach in the Eat to Live Family!

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